Question 176

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43 Responses to “Question 176”

  1. Laura:

    The sunshine and blue sky, my hopes for the future, my friends, upcoming events, everything!

  2. Gail:

    My effort to the exam will help to get to the goal.

  3. Sandy:

    Knowing that tomorrow is going to be a new day.

  4. GailA:

    My children and grandchild

  5. That there is hope for tomorrow, and that it’ll be even better than the current one.

  6. Anonymous:

    That there’s hope for me and him to be together again

  7. Justin:

    Hope from family, friends. And meeting someone new because it would seem like a new beginning. =)

  8. gretz:

    my family and friends.

  9. nic:

    Tomorrow, and the future

  10. Tori:

    Knowing that in a few minutes I will be on the soccer field forgetting everything else going on in my life.

  11. N:

    The fact that splendid people lead the world to the good direction at the place that I do not know.

  12. anon:

    the hope that i’ll meet the one person who will make my life an adventure

  13. Jo:

    The future

  14. K:

    The thought that someday I will find happiness again.

  15. darklady:

    Know that I will be with him again.

  16. Hannah:

    I am alive!

  17. Dreamer:

    My friends, my dreams, and my future.

  18. Eli:

    The possibility of being with her, even if she is 3000 miles away.

  19. Becca:

    the knowledge that every day i am helping some child learn something about themselves.

  20. Anika:

    My best friend. I love him more than life. He’s the reason I haven’t committed suicide or cut myself yet. He honestly does make my life worth living.

  21. hui:

    couldnt see any thing in my life worth living at the moment…so dark, so lost

  22. Meghan:

    So that I can continue waiting for my best friend and make sure he comes back, to tell me he is okay.

  23. Anne:


  24. M:

    The hope that one day I might figure out what happiness is and acquire the means to grasp it.

  25. Anonymous:

    Only the promise that it will get better

  26. Lisa:

    the absolute pleasure of just being

  27. Annie:

    the possibilities, new people, and adventure every new day brings

  28. April:

    I am so young. I have so much to live for and so far to go in my life. Each day brings me closer to my dreams. Each and every day I get to spend with the guy I love makes me happier too. Life is worth living. Life is beautiful.

  29. TigerLily:

    My family. And…. I don’t know… just Love, My Goals, My life plans ……

  30. Ellen:

    knowing that you can touch the lives of others, no matter in what way

  31. Ema:

    Knowing that there will be a tomorrow.

  32. jake:

    One person and one person only. She is my rock and i am hers.

  33. Simply the curiosity of what’s going to happen today. (In the news)

  34. Amanda:

    my family, friends, boyfriend, and music

  35. Macey:

    the wonderful talks with my best friend.

  36. Ris:

    Spending time with some of my closest friends, laughing, joking around, coming up with inside jokes and stories, all of them helping to distract me from what’s wrong.

  37. Nick:

    Answering these questions so I could learn about myself even more.

  38. Tara:

    nothing. but i only live it because it would kill my mother if i didn’t.

  39. P:

    Knowing that I will be seeing Harry Potter on Friday. Everything else is sad.

  40. Gary Pighetti:

    Knowing that I am in a better place each day…and that any negative feelings will pass…

  41. Gary Pighetti:

    Knowing that I’m in a better place today than yesterday and that negative feelings will pass.

  42. hexmage:

    That I get to have 2 very good and drastically different life experiences soon. One will be a story to be retold for years, and the other will help me decide if my currently desired life path is what I want to do, or if I’ve wasted my past year.

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