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  1. C:

    Life can be over any minute of every day. I knew that already of course, but it’s different when it’s up close. I try to live live to the fullest now.

  2. salvacion:

    i have learned that love is not something you have to hold onto if it is destined to go… that people come and go, that people change, that everything is just temporary… ive learn to love and be loved, and also ive learned to let go and understand and then forgive. happiness and love is not something you have to find with others, it is something you have to search within yourself…and now i am trying to accept everything and im learning again…i am now seeing life differently:) thank you for the the heartache and pain, ive learn alot.

  3. Al:

    I have learned that I love him but I cannot be with him. I cannot come home to an empty house and wonder if one day I will come home and it will be empty forever. I have to wonder why I can give up my dreams for him but he cannot give up his for me.

  4. I’m learning to love myself and the people around me and the complete strangers on the street, to not judge as quickly or harshly, and to try and open myself to more peace.

  5. Justin:

    I learned not to think so much and to change my morals whether it is not working out the best for me. I learned to go with the flow and to see where life would take me. I learned that whatever opportunities I get from life are the risks I need to take and there would be no backups. I learned that once you laid back and focused on your tasks, sometimes things come out as a surprise and most of the time, that is a good thing.

  6. rose:

    I’m learning to let go of a broken heart for the first time in my life. After believing giving all I had to him, my efforts and dreams too. Now, I’m also learning how to get my life and my energy back on track (I have lost it for the first time in my life as well), practicing self-love and action towards my success.

  7. fran:

    I have learned that you need to be who you want to be in life, even if you let down some people.

  8. Laura:

    I learned that in order to pursue your goals you have to work hard, not just slack off and think you’ll make it.

  9. keebs28:

    I learned about the pain of losing a baby. My husband and I were so excited and it all ended so suddenly. After I grieved, however, I really started to think about my life, what makes me happy, and what is important. I have started doing all the things I said I would get around to eventually – calling my friends more often (the forever long to do list always gets in the way), exercising everyday (TV seemed much more interesting after work), eating right all the time (not just some of it), and already booked the vacations we put off “until the time is right.” We weren’t planning our baby but it just happened and we were going to find a way to make it work. That’s how we should approach everything in life – what is planned and what isn’t – with excitement, joy, and a life is too short to stress about this attitude, we’ll find a way to make it work. Although I still grieve for my lost baby, I’m finding myself changing how I approach life.

  10. Katie:

    that God is there, he will never let you down.
    that god never promises a smooth flight, but he ensures a safe landing.
    and that i can do anything if i put my faith in the father, ‘for nothing is impossible in god’ .. luke 1;37

    also that friends are one of the most important things in life.
    they will never let you down and without them the world can look big and scary, and when you lose one it feels like you’ve lost a heart. I lost two friends one of which has been my bestfriend for 10 years and the other was a great friend for 3 years.
    i have made up with my bestfriend after i saw that i couldn’t be happy without her, but i will always remember those days, in some ways we won’t be as strong but in other ways we are much stronger.
    my other friend never acted once like she was sorry for the things she had done which hurt me and she hasn’t said a word to me in almost a month. last week we were bothy at the same youth organisation and we were there from 10 in the morning to 10 at night for a week and she never tried making conversation, it’s like we don’t even know each other. and what hurts more is when we were friends she swore she never wanted to lose me and i just thought of how people you know and love became people you knew. i can’t help wondering weather she was always like this but i never saw it:/

    and how i love my sister so much and i just wish i spent more time with her and i plan on doing that now.
    i have watched her grow up for 3 years and now i am going to bve a part of it:D

  11. Tori:

    God is showing me the path i need to follow, I just have to be willing to be strong and believe in him through my journey.

  12. Anne:

    nothing. and it sucks.

  13. Kennie:

    Being lonely is sometimes the only way you can truly see what it is you need in life.

  14. Anika:

    Love people while they are in good health, treat them well, and remind them you love them before they fall ill. And sometimes it just feels like life is a big fat bad joke. But most of the time you just have to wait for the punch line and hang on.

  15. Raine:

    I’ve learned, do what makes you happy untill it doesn’t any more. Being young means you’re able to make mistakes. Don’t stay with someone while they’re breaking your heart or making you unhappy. Don’t keep doing sports when you don’t like them, no matter how good you are. We’re young, get out and make your mark on the world. Don’t wait untill you’re 30 with a family and a job. Do it now.

  16. theme:

    that i learned how to draw.

  17. April:

    I’ve learned to be careful with people. I need to pay more attention to what people really are like to keep myself out of trouble and bad situations.

  18. Meow:

    I’ve learned just how easy it is to smile even if you don’t want to – and how easy it can be to make others smile. Even if you thought you were nothing, or the ugliest person in the world, or the worst, there’s always a reason to smile.

  19. Lottie:

    That parents really do have your best interests at heart.

  20. kimberly:

    recently i have learned that i have to stand up for myself and live a life i want and not live for anyone else. Its my life and i am going to be who i want me to be.

  21. Allison:

    You have to let go. As you grow up, friends and people change. Friendships fall apart and you’ll feel a little lost. But everything will get better. Eventually you’ll look back and it will all make sense.

  22. Margrét:

    Positivity. Everything gets better, no matter how bad. There is always something good on the way, whether it’s true love or a cookie.

  23. Jill:

    To not be trusting or open to people in the workplace.

  24. jake:

    That there is no place i can despense all my hate and pain. So i must live with this curse and learn to embrace the power i hold.

  25. No matter what anyone says, you are the master of your own happiness!

  26. Amanda:

    Life can be taken from you at any time. Make the most of each day.

  27. Ris:

    I learned that even though it hurts me everyday to even consider it, I might have to let my sisters go and live for myslef for once. Maybe we aren’t as close as we thought and rushing things like moving together will make things worse, or maybe we just need some time apart before we conquer the world.

  28. Nick:

    Life is short but youth is shorter. So I should do the things I love and reach for my dreams while I still have the enthusiasm and energy.

  29. mistie:

    I’ve learned about being healthy and striving for your goals. I go on walks now, and I write almost every other day.

  30. Lizzy:

    That sitting on your butt in your own little world won’t get you anywhere. I’ve learned to branch out and talk to people whom I normally wouldn’t have in the past, and try harder in school. I read and watch the news, and planned my first trip over-seas. I leave in 8 days.

  31. anusha:

    i have learnt how important communication is in a relationship. and its ok to put forward your point to your partner.. it just makes things easy

  32. Eljai:

    To be WAY more pragmatic about relationships and not get sidetracked by every blip that occurs.

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