Question 179

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  1. lis:

    the memory of my first relationship 🙂 i’m so sad it ended but those were certainly the best moments in my life and will always be

  2. Sandy:


  3. Jason:

    The road trip around Texas. I did so many things whilst I was out there and can’t remember smiling so much. Although I know what I’ve lost, I also know what I’ve gained from the experiences out there and it’s made me strive to do more things that I want to do.

  4. Laura:

    My best friend’s 16th birthday. Everyone was together, I was with the guy I liked at the time, it was gorgeous out, and it was so much fun!

  5. C:

    My fall into fandom

  6. Justin:

    My first relationship. It was so good that I wish I could go back to what it was. But then again, somehow, it became a bit better.

  7. N:

    The site where the concept and the historical view, etc. of living, that is, the situation to date were changed was found.

    And, it is necessary to have been able to get acquainted with one man in that.

    In becoming of this an important turning point of my life, the mistake is not found.

  8. Anne:

    exactly three years ago, switching schools.

  9. LP:

    Visiting Chicago all by myself. The first time I ever traveled alone, to a place where I knew no one. Just to follow a dream.

  10. Holiday:

    The zoo. Volunteering. The magic mountains. The aquarium. The autumn. The summer spent mostly at the enchanted ice castle cafe. Tuesday Spectacular. Playing Apples to Apples, Balderdash, and Catchphrase with spectacular people. Reading really wonderful books. So much, so much, and more than this.

  11. Sarah:

    There were a few times that I was with you and we connected in a whole new way. I dont think it meant anything to you, but you made me feel like everything.

  12. Nate River:

    The day my fiance proposed to me on that little hill.

  13. Annie:

    I wondered around with my best friend of 11 years in the rain. We talked, laughed, remanisced (sorry if that’s misspelled), and mocked the facial expressions of the bystanders who saw us laughing in the rain.

  14. tennisgirl:

    Hot tub parties with my five best friends where no one drank but we all acted like crazy girls. The night when he told me he loved me. The day my baby niece was born.

  15. Raine:

    The year from 9-9-09 to 8-9-10. It was 11months exactly. It was also a year of firsts and my eighth grade year. My first boyfriend, followed by many others, my first kiss, my newfound love of music, my best friend, my first trip to see the west coast, and my view points on religion and politics. I learned a lot, how to deal with drama, boys, family, and how to have the time of your life.

  16. If I could remember, I would tell you.

  17. Micki:

    Smokin’ a lot of weed

  18. Erin:

    When we sat in the trees at the orchard and plucked out apples, taking bites of them and feeling the juice run down our chins.

  19. April:

    So hard to pick. Some of my fondest memories are with the guy I love. It’s funny because some of my best and worst memories pertain to him. I love thinking of our first kiss. A year ago tomorrow. He was so nervous that night, but the cutest guy in the world to me.

    Times with my family are also cherished. It’s nice when we all come together, it doesn’t happen very often. My grandmother’s funeral in 2008 was the last thing that brought all of my siblings together. Kind of sad what it takes sometimes. I love my family very much.

  20. Alexis:

    My daughter was born.

  21. L:

    finally getting to be with the boy i love

  22. Alex:

    When he pulled me off the train tracks because I didn’t hear the train coming.

  23. Chris:

    I would have to say meeting up with some of the coolest people and coming to college and starting to actually grow and come to grips with who i really am as a person

  24. Meow:

    Around Christmas, when we were all walking together. All of us laughing, not really caring what we were doing. And the way everything seemed so perfect, with his arm around my shoulder and her arm looped through my other arm, while another friend just bounced beside us.

  25. TigerLily:

    Learning About Myself!

  26. kimberly:

    Getting clean and
    feeling my heart break

  27. Allison:

    1. meeting my best friend, finding the ability to trust him the way I’ve never trusted anyone, and being able to say I love you.
    2. Lacrosse season, both the 2008-2009 season and the 2009-2010 season, the experiences were unforgettable.

  28. Lizz:

    I really had to think about this. But finally I came up with two answers:

    One night my boyfriend and I were taking a drive and suddenly he stopped and pulled over the side of the road and parked the car. It was completely dark out, we were in the middle of nowhere, and we sat on the roof of the car just looking at the stars.

    The other one was playing with my niece. I threw her into the air and she had this smile of complete happiness on her face.

  29. spendin everyday with my daughter, meeting the man of my dreams and letting go of the person i was in love with at one time who never wouldve done me right. So glad i was able to overcome him.

  30. Devyn:

    Well, I have a few, all of which I’m equally fond of.

    1. Sitting on the dock, with my sister and my old best friend, talking about all the things 17 year olds talk about. I don’t have a lot of moments like that with my sister. It was nice.

    2. Sitting in this boy’s room at three a.m. the first time we ever hung out, pretending to read Sherlock Holmes, because I’m awkward like that, and I didn’t know what to expect. I also like that he still brings it up, over a year later, even when we just had a pretty big fight.

    3. Holding any baby I’ve ever held. It’s an inexplainable feeling for me.

    4. Finally figuring out how to get homesick little girls to go to sleep my first time as a camp counselor. Thank God for sock monkeys and butterfly blankets.

  31. Amanda:

    Making awesome new friends in college.

  32. Army Wife:

    Marrying the love of my life who encourages me in my faith in Jesus, lifts me up, and loves me through my over analyzing. 🙂 I could not imagine my life without him and am so grateful to the Lord for sharing him with me.

  33. Emma:

    Sitting in the park with my sisters during the summer, realizing how happy we all were together.

  34. Nick:

    Learning how to be confident.

  35. Grac(ie):

    Watching a lighting storm over the ocean with my whole family at the NC family reunion.

    It may seem strange, but…
    Coming back to my senses in the ambulance after my seizure. I think of it as a milestone in my life.

    On Thursday, May 26, I will create a new memory: giving a speech at my high school graduation as the valedictorian…or just graduating.

  36. Julie Takase:

    seeing a little black cat that no one wanted and giving him a home.

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