Question 180

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19 Responses to “Question 180”

  1. Manderin:

    Health, Friends/family, personal happiness, and bringing happiness to others

  2. N:

    It was born in this country, and grew up.
    We wish to express our gratitude for my contents’ having been constructed in this country.

    Drawn all fates and sensibilities.

  3. Anne:

    Happiness, Health, and making other people happy.

  4. jj:

    People to share it with

  5. C:

    Health, family & friends, happiness. Achieving your goals.
    A good balance between your professional and personal life.

  6. Anika:

    every moment ive spent with my best friend.

  7. AHS:

    surrounding others with and be surrounded by love.

  8. Jay:

    Being content, Loving and being loved.

  9. faiz:

    Happiness, Health, and making other people happy.

  10. Katie:

    being happy,
    good health,
    family and friends,
    and finding God.

  11. Lisa:

    a smile
    a compassionate nature
    a birds-eye view of things
    a healthy does of humility
    the ability to laugh at yourself
    the ability to enjoy the world, regardless of the difficulties you face

  12. April:

    Work Ethic

  13. Kristy:

    Above all else, happiness.

  14. Lenny:

    I think that the #1 thing that you need to have a happy life is a very close friend or friend group. I have thought about this a lot and this is what I always come back to no matter what.

  15. Hollow:

    1. A sense of humor, to stay strong and take it easily when everything seems to be falling apart.

    2. You need to care about what you do. About the impact you could have on others. About whether or not you’re going to make it a positive impact.

    3. Appreciation. Appreciate what you have; many people wish their lives could be half as good as yours.

  16. Amanda:

    Happiness and love

  17. Vio:

    love, communication, trust,

  18. Nick:

    Good health, full of love, adventurous, risk-taker, balances everything, have a sense of humor and is humble.

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