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  1. Jay:

    My parents wouldn’t have the daughter they wanted, my bf would never know me, my bff wouldv’e committed suicide, the worldwide cookies supply would rise to record highs
    there would be one less girl in the world. Probably the world wouldn’t be really different.

  2. N:

    Friction, lubrication some every phenomena may have decreased.
    Because it would not need to affect a heart of somebody.

    In addition, I think that I live while all the human beings have such a chemical reaction.

  3. Laura:

    It wouldn’t be that different, and that’s what I want to change.

  4. Anne:

    My neighbor probably would have moved by now.

  5. Justin:

    Maybe then, all the things that aren’t what they are supposed to be would finally be. I doubt the world would be any different if I were not here but I am trying to change that.

  6. C:

    My sister wouldn’t have her best friend, although she would be more independent.
    The worls wouldn’t be different, not yet at least

  7. Sarah:

    I think that more things would be different than I, or anybody can grasp. Groups of people who somehow would not be friends because my brother and i were not there and wouldnt be in it. My family would be so different. The chain of events would be unbelievable.

  8. King:

    My house would be a mess ๐Ÿ˜‰
    and there would be no one to carry on my family name.
    glad I’m here.

  9. Spencer:

    At least two people more people would be dead due to someone not stepping up when it counted.

  10. Ellie:

    “Laura: It wouldnโ€™t be that different, and thatโ€™s what I want to change.”

    That’s not true. Once you’ve been born you have an affect on people, if you don’t know it. People would miss you if weren’t there.

    If you don’t think it would be different – watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’…

  11. Poppy:

    My best friend wouldn’t have anyone to wind her up. My sister would have had a bedroom to herself. My friends wouldn’t have someone to embarrass them in public. My mum would have had one less mouth to feed when my Dad divorced her. My boyfriend would have the girl he used to be in love with. On the plus side, my best friend needs winding up. My sister hates having a room to herself. My mum loves me to pieces and I love her and my boyfriend would be miserable with his ex, because she’s a spiteful, horrible person ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Raine:

    At only 13, almost 14, this question made me think, and cry. I realized, I haven’t done much to impact this world on a giant scale, which made me vow to change that starting tomorrow. But I also realized, I did impact some people. My ex-boyfriend and best friend would’ve dealt with his oncoming terminal cancer a lot harder, and also wouldn’t have gotten over the girl who broke his heart as easy. My grandma also wouldn’t have held on as much if I hadn’t been there after her husband died to stay with her every Friday. I’ve also done negative things, I’m not proud of them. But I’ve done them, and I’ll own up to it in my own way.

  13. gita:

    ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so happy about this question. There are so many warm hugs that would not have been given, had I not been here. But I love this question not because it makes me feel happy about who I am – it also makes me think about all the people in my life and ask myself – what would be different if they weren’t here? For me it doesn’t matter if my mom’s not the president, it doesn’t matter if my brother never discovers a new energy source – the world shines in a different light when they are around, simply because no one can laugh the way my sister laughs, no one cooks the way my mom cooks, no one else but my mom can say “but I’m so cute, I’m so terribly cute” when they feel guilty <3 how can you be angry then?? and when my brother cooks it makes me faint, because he so rarely does, and no other person could make me faint in that exact same way cos no other person is so damn lazy ๐Ÿ˜€ … GOSH WE'RE SO COOL and everything we do is so special ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. tennisgirl:

    My best friend would have committed suicide four years ago. My 19 Year old sister with a baby would have no one supporting her. The world would be with one less future math teacher.

  15. People wouldn’t have someone to copy their homework off of.

  16. Annie:

    my sister wouldnt have her best friend, my friends would not be speaking right now, there would be a lot less smiles at least i hope

  17. April:

    I love this question, I think about this sort of thing a lot. I haven’t publicly changed the world, but I love thinking that I make the world a brighter place for those that I love or even just the people around me. I do not feel that I could ever know my impact on the world. My family would have missed my smiling face. My best friend would have missed her soul mate of a friend to go through life with. The guy I love… Thinking of him without me makes me sad. I know how dramatically he has changed my life for the better, so I am trying to think of it reversed. I feel like he would still hide behind humor more frequently. I don’t think he would have let his soft side out. I’m sure someday he would have found a girl, but none of it would be the same because that girl wouldn’t be me. We’re soul mates.

  18. A:

    I don’t think it would. I have done nothing in my life to make an impact.

  19. Ael:

    3 brilliant souls would be alive, but 5 or 6 others would be dead. My friends wouldn’t have someone to call at 4 in the morning, wouldn’t have a shoulder to cry on. My dog would have a different home, she might not be treated as well. A few animals might have died if I hadn’t been around. The world would have one fewer future woman firefighter or police officer. My friends and family wouldn’t have someone with a brilliant sense of humor, my sisters wouldn’t have someone to write songs for them and sing them to sleep at night. There would be less stress in the family. My ex boyfriend wouldn’t have become my best friend. He wouldn’t have someone who got his jokes and thought they were funny. My mother wouldn’t have the help with my sisters that she does now. I cause stress and problems in my family, but they love me to pieces. My friend would still be getting abused by her dad. My girlfriend would still cut herself. I have done things I’m not proud of, and I have broken people, and I have and will deal with the consequences of that. I have done more good than bad though, and I will continue to save people and change the world.

  20. Ellen:

    my mom might not have committed suicide. my best friend would have someone different, someone that is as happy as she is all the time. my dad and stepmother wouldve never met. my brother would be an only child. i havent done anything major, but such small things can still have big effects on people.

  21. sab:

    My twin wouldn’t have been a twin. My parents would not have an even number of daughters. Its hard to think of but my family wouldn’t be what it is today.

  22. jake:

    to be honest in this point of my life i would say nothing would be much different. I am just a mere lost soul in the ocean of hate.

  23. Bails:

    nothing major. but i know that im only 15 and well i havent done much living yet. but i know person we meet changes us in some why. and if i werent here then those i have meet wouldnt have changed because of me.

  24. There would be more money in the house. (I heard somewhere that taking care of one child costs $200,000) My friends would still go on with their lives. My sister would be even more popular, and my other little sister would still idolize her. I would not be teased in 6th grade…..

    In short, no one would be greatly affected, but their life would simply be slightly better.

  25. anonymus:

    my parents would still be together

  26. Amanda:

    I honestly don’t know

  27. Janie:

    I ask myself this question all the time. And I never have an answer. I’m just one person, and I haven’t done anything of real value in my 19.5 years of life. I haven’t the faintest idea.

  28. Anon:

    Not very.
    My boyfriend wouldn’t have to deal with me. He would probably be a lot happier, and with someone that better suits his interests. Possibly with the girl that he’s always wanted to be with, except that I got in the way. He wouldn’t have a friend who is always there for him. However, he might have been a lot closer to his friends in high school if it weren’t for me.
    My mom would have had an easier time, and probably been able to go to college sooner. She might never have met my step dad.
    My siblings might never have existed.
    My best friend might be dead. My old friend might also be dead.

  29. Nick:

    No one in the family would look like Harry Potter. All of my parents’ children would have taken a science major in college. There wouldn’t be a boy member in an all-girl group. There would only be four boys in my class. My friends would’ve never met a guy who likes to seek trouble, break rules and be wild. Their Powerpoint presentations would be less creative (not to brag, really).

  30. mistie:

    Who really knows? Maybe, the universe wouldn’t exist at all, and maybe everything would be the same…

  31. Gabriel:

    Everyone’s lives would be happier.

  32. Anonymous:

    I think had I never been born the world be a much brighter place. I think my husband would be much better off because he doesn’t care about my dreams and only thinks that his dream are worth pursuing. I know that my parents and siblings would be happier. I have not done anything in this world that makes any bit of difference.

  33. animallover:

    my parents would have only 2 children, my best friend would have another friend instead of me and there would actually be no difference if i wasnt born

  34. Anonymous:

    My friends wouldn’t care. I just hang around them and listen to them talk about people and trends and trips to the mall, but it probably wouldn’t make any difference to them. The sports teams would be missing an athletic team mate. My mom would be happier because she wouldn’t have to buy me electronics and stuff . My dad would still be dead, I mean, disease cannot be avoided, right? My brother would have his iPad already (wait, would he even be born???) the teacher would have one less person to tease. I would have never gotten McDonald’s giftcards for my family because I would have never met Crystal.’

  35. Abigail Walker:

    My brother would be miserable, rich but alone, alone he would have never been given up for adoption with me. My soon to be born baby would not be coming to this world, my ex never would have learned love. My best friends would have committed suicide, I never realize that I meant anything, but I do, even when I feel like I don’t

  36. Anya:

    My part of. my iis free I like it

  37. Inch my name is inch:

    There would be no apocalypse a lot of people wouldn’t have laughed and had the greatest times of their life and most women wouldn’t be annoyed by just another loser chatting them up I wish everyday I wasn’t put on this earth my life is the final joke…

  38. If I had never been born my parents would never have spent hundreds of dollars on vacations and dance lessons and my crush would probably be better off I died now like everybody else

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