Question 5

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  1. Only if I could still remember the first time around. Then I would have learned the lesson from my failures and mistakes, and fixed them too.

  2. Mark:

    Yes I would do a lot of things differently.

  3. i will probably change everything~
    i got a brand new chance, why wouldn’t i explore new funs 🙂

  4. Elemental:

    Some things I would change. Others I would explore more deeply. I would be less hard on my body, and perhaps been a little safer in some of my actions. Probably not, though. I would have made a life-plan beyond the age of 25 because, frankly, drifting without one for 15 years is the hardest thing I’ve done.

    If you don’t have a good story when your life is over, you’ve wasted the whole experience.

  5. Becky:

    The things I would change are too numerous to list and too painful to think about for long. Yet, I made the best decisions that I could under the circumstances. My life has certainly not turned out how I imagined it would. I don’t have a miserable life, but it is far from a happy life. However, there are moments of pure joy – though not nearly as often as I wish.

  6. johnry:

    my life had many problems mistakes that have to be undone it could very well change my life at this age i realized that i had a big potential for having higher grades but hanging around with the wrong friends dragged me down

  7. bobby:

    Certainly not.
    All my past has formed me as i am. I like this person. 🙂

  8. Michelle:

    Yes. I would have lived in the moment.

  9. Flower:

    Everything that has happened in my life, has happened for a reason.
    I think maybe the only thing I’d change is how I’ve treated my loved ones in the past.
    But I’ve learned from my mistakes so now I’m here to make it better.
    Our past makes us who we are.

  10. no. it would take away all of the beautiful things i have right now.

  11. Aisha:

    No. The things that were good were wonderful, and the things that we regret are experience. They have shaped who we are now.

  12. Gabbo:

    Yes. Even though I have many wonderful friends and I’m the way I am now, I know I could’ve challenged myeslf. I shouldn’t have settled for the easy path just because I got scared from what my seniors told me. I definitely could’ve handled it and I know now in the future that I should never settle for easier.

  13. even though who ive been adds up to who i am now.. i would like to change many stupid things i did in the past that only add up to the part of me i dont like.

    but only if ( as Alexander said) i rememberd my first time around.

  14. April:

    Unsure. Everything happens for a reason. I certainly have regrets, but I cannot know how getting rid of those things would have impacted my life.

  15. Oh yes! But only if I knew then, what I do now.

  16. I would of fought harder when I had him, to keep him.

  17. fenixdemilo:

    Almost everything. I’d probably keep the travel bug, my family and several friends, but if I had the chance to start over, I’d probably be first in line

  18. Janie:

    Yes. Some lessons don’t need to be learned the hard way. And maybe in my second chance I would let people know the real me.

  19. Aimee:

    Yes. There are so many things I wish I could change.. but no. because maybe without those things I wouldn’t be me..

  20. Lauren:

    I wholeheartedly agree with what many people have said – that I would love to, but I can’t know how it would affect my life today. In the end I think it’s safer to believe that everything happens for a reason. No regrets.

  21. Amanda:

    I want to say yes, but some of the things I went through in the past made me the person I am today. So, no.

  22. Rebekah:

    I flip-flop between yes and no. But today is yes. Dear God, yes.

  23. Emma:

    Yes, I’d have done the one thing that could have gotten me out of my house once and for all

  24. Ris:

    I would do many things over, but the biggest right now would be never letting us go 5 weeks without speaking to each other.

  25. Diva:

    Yes, and most people over 25 would say yes. The problem is, changing something doesn’t always change the outcome (for the better).

  26. RubenRybnick:

    idk i dont think i would maybe go to a few less party s

  27. Daniel:

    If I did change what happened—if I didn’t cheat on that test, if I told her it was over before I loved her too much, if I didn’t give into self-destructive manipulation and had carelessly lost my virginity to a whore—I wouldn’t be the same person I am now, understanding the things I know.

  28. Nick:

    Not really. I would change some but not all because I like what my life has turned out thus far with the things I’ve experienced and learned.

  29. Kat:

    Before having my daughter, no, I would not change anything.

  30. Nibor:

    I wouldn’t hurt HER again..

  31. Fallenstar:

    Probably not. The experience obtained by my previous actions and decisions, no matter how good or evil they might be, is priceless and changing the events that led to obtaining all this experience would probably cause it to vanish. So no. I want to do things in a different way now than I have a year ago… Will have to do something about that.

  32. Alice:

    Yes, I would tell him how much i love him. i never did and now is to late.

  33. Alice:

    almost anything

  34. Michael Hitchcock:

    No thank you. Today and tomorrow are nice. I wouldn’t murder them to avoid a little pain.

  35. Alec:

    The older I get (51)… the more that I believe in fate. Scary to surrender to the greater forces, but liberating as well. I am the cumulative of my life’s experiences. I see much more clearly today than yesterday. Yes, knowing what I do today, I would have worked harder and reached higher for even more worthy goals. But, I take comfort in G. Eliot’s remarks (“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”) and this philosophy is a strong guide as I squeeze every ounce of my remaining time on this beautiful planet.

    Learn to be kind to yourselves. Don’t over analyze. Embrace nature and endeavor to step outside of your comfort zones from time to time. It is surely worth the reward. Without fear, no courage exists. Learn daily courage and trust yourself. Step over the broken shards of your past “mistakes” and onto greener pastures. Lose your time-wasting distractions and follow your heart. “While it may not be apart, you like the grand oak have an important place on this Earth and you deserve to be happy”. =)

  36. Kristen Deneuve:


  37. Rachael:

    I would change everything… I would be more confident, look a little differently, live a little differently and just do everything differently… I can’t wait to get out and do just that.

  38. Rowena:

    I would change a lot of things. I mean, a second chance… why not take advantage of it? I wouldn’t want to repeat the same mistakes.

  39. chichay:

    i will not change anything, coz if you change something everything might be different

  40. Heidi:

    I would have never let Brendon go.

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