Question 184

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26 Responses to “Question 184”

  1. Annie:

    1. Serving God the way He planned for me to.
    2. Showing my friends the love they deserve.
    3. Doing whatvis best for my family.

  2. lis:

    1. making a few friends
    2. my studies
    3. dancing

  3. Anika:

    1) Friends and Family: without them I’m sure my existence would be pretty boring and not worth the while

    2) Education: My dreams have always involved going to an Ivy League college so that I can be successful as we as wealthy. I want to change the world, make a difference, ya know like speak out for ppl!

    3) being happy) Happiness has not been in my life for a long time, and I need to work on just feeling happy, and finding ppl who will support me and love me.

  4. Maria:

    1. Being happy
    2. Taking care of my family
    3. Finishing school

  5. gita:

    1) being able to smile
    2) seeing my loved ones smile
    3) being peaceful

  6. Dace:

    1. I
    2. myself
    2. other kinds of love

  7. 1) Being happy with myself and my goals and current situation
    2) Making lasting connections with those around me, and strengthening the ones that exist currently
    3) Being as good a person as the world will let me be

  8. Rose:

    1. health/fitness
    2. service to family/community
    3. laughter

  9. Mad Jeason:

    1. not loosing myself
    2. not loosing anyone around me unnecessarily
    3. not regretting any choice i made because of priority 1 and 2

  10. Priorities? Living a healthy life (although I don’t see that happening any time soon.) I don’t think I really have any priorities. Not that I can think up of any right now. I’m so empty right now. Ugh Schooooooooooool. .-.

  11. Raine:

    1. My happiness.
    2. My friend’s and family.
    3. Swimming.

  12. Micki:

    -Self Awareness



  13. Lisa:

    Art in all it’s forms
    self-awareness and discovery

  14. Erin:

    Friends and family.
    My education.
    The environment.

  15. Jason:

    My happiness
    My future
    Family and friends

  16. Anne:

    1. being happy
    2. being healthy
    3. helping others to be happy and healthy

  17. April:

    1- Eternal marriage
    2- Education
    3- Making those I love happy

  18. N:

    1.My health 
    2.Happiness of person whom I love…
    3.Know accurately, The victim and the assailant.

  19. kimberly:

    my work

  20. tanya:

    1. the people i love
    2. my education
    3. myself

  21. Amanda:

    My education

  22. Emma:


  23. anon:

    A tie of: Happiness, Helping Others, Friends/Family

    I was going to put “Love” as one of them, but I realized it’s in all of them!

  24. Nick:

    My spiritual life
    Family and friends

  25. mistie:

    1. Being good to God

    2. Loving and being loved

    3. Writing a book.

  26. Julie Takase:

    my love

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