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  1. Maria:

    Because people take sports too seriously. Almost as if it were a lifestyle.

  2. Katherine:

    Because, they became the statistic. everyone ALWAYS says how few people go on to play sports after high school, then after college. I think, we understand how much work each one of them had to do. What sacrifices they made.

  3. A:

    This is something I have never understood. Sport players make millions to toss around a ball and yet teachers make next to nothing to shape America’s future. Something needs to change here.

  4. Lisa:

    Because for some strange reason we love anything that entertains us enough to ignore the impotance of our own lives.

  5. Erin:

    I agree with A – I have never understood why sports players make millions to do nothing but entertain us, while teachers shape America’s future and earn very little.

  6. K::

    I agree that it shouldn’t be the case, but regarding the athlete/teacher comparison… it’s a lot “easier” to be a good teacher than an NBA basketball player. They’re paid for their novelty and rareness, regardless of whether the skill is not as “necessary” as things like education.

  7. the don:

    I wish most of the prior answers are from people that got the question wrong. I think this isn’t meant to hate on the fact that sports player truely are over-payed. It’s about seeing the difference between them and the everyday guy. Recognizing their remarkable efforts, sacrifices and the commitment.
    Idolizing them we all wish for these characteristic treats to fulfil our own dreams. May they not be athletic ones but our very own goals we lack the willpower to make them come true. Realizing this, the question could be seen as a reminder, take them as an example how to make it and finally find the needed strength to reach your personal goals.
    so long…

  8. s:

    Think about the nurses caring for your family and friends days, nights, weekends, holidays without fail. The police officers keeping you safe, the soldiers keeping us free. Why are athletes the “idols” we choose and not the people that really work hard to keep us healthy, safe, and free?

  9. Kay:

    Because they get paid well to do something they love… Most people only dream of being able to do that, while working their mundane 9-5 jobs.

  10. Anne:

    I don’t. haha.

  11. Tiffany:

    Sports players are idolized because sports are something that most adolescents pick up but never succeed to a professional level. We promote the idolization of sports players with cable television that has the ability to take a 100 yard football field and make it look like 100 miles.

  12. April:

    I have always wondered that. Eww.

  13. Chano:

    These people make money because they are a master in their profession –> they like most professionals have given everything they have to become the best, since they were a young child.

    Just imagine if you analyzed stocks, bonds, and real estate the same amount of time these sports players played their sport their entire life I am sure you would be very well off or possibly even wealthier than most of the sports players.

    The reason they turned out how they did is because they had the desire to do so and had faith within themselves to make it to the premier level that they are now in.

    So one thing that I have noticed how most people become rich is become masters in their fields from engineering, sales, writing, sports, ect

  14. C:

    Anthropology dictates that society idolises and respects those who are physically strong/fast/etc. This dates from history when humans had to hunt for food, rather than having the luxury of supermarkets. (Also, this is why male sport is a bigger industry than female sport; it was the man’s role to gather food in prehistoric times)

  15. N:

    It is stupid of to be particular about only victory or defeat. However, I think that the person grows up when it was ascertained a moment to use the skill when therefore I got how to get teamwork to reach the body and the skill that I wore. And, even besides sports, this experience will have idolization because there is it.

  16. Athlete:

    This is annoying to me that people are saying that athletes just toss around a ball. Sports teach you life lessons about teammates and individualism. It shows you to rise to the occasion but to know that you will always have your team behind you. For all the negative comments, obviously you don’t play sports. To be honest, I wouldn’t want you on my team.

  17. Jo:

    They are strong, they are fit, they are good at something. We feel we will never amount to them, so we worship them.

  18. nocturnesthesia:

    Because they could buy and sell my ass with what they make in a week. All things aside, I respect that.

  19. ben:

    Cause everybody just needs to jump on the damn band wagon. Will people ever see watching someone else play a stupid is just a waste of time?

  20. Dani:

    Maybe we secretly admire them for their hardwork and dedication to doing something that they love, and now they get everything for following their dreams. I think we, including myself, might be jealous of that

  21. Anonymous10:

    They show and inspire us with their motivation, determination, self-discipline, and the desire of achieving something they really love which tells us that one has to lose to gain success/victory.

  22. Nick:

    Maybe because they are strong and athletic.

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