Question 186

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32 Responses to “Question 186”

  1. m:

    Saved my life.

  2. Sabrina:

    Said he loved me too.

  3. Eff:

    Not given up on me.

  4. Told me I wasn’t a failure and picked me up off the floor.

  5. Anne:

    tried to help.

    (at least they tried)

  6. C:

    Showed me I was worth something. (Key word: “was”.)

  7. Mary:

    Loved me and stood by me even when I really screwed up.

  8. Rose:

    Helped me get sober and stay sober so I could help someone else

  9. Patrice:

    Raised me to be the man that I am today – I have the best parents in the world!

  10. April:

    That’s so hard to say. Probably my mother giving birth to me. Poor woman. Haha

  11. Laura:

    I was bullied for a long time when I was little, and when I told my best friend about it, he sent me a 6 page long text saying how I was amazing and he can’t imagine why anyone would ever say something to hurt me, etc. It made me cry and to this day it’s the nicest thing someone’s ever done/said to me.

  12. B3SH0Y:

    She cared back and made me feel loved.

  13. Tess:

    They’ve looked after me for 17 years, even when I told them I hated them and let them down.

  14. N:

    Keep sending love after knowing me well. Inside and outside.

  15. Tori:

    Showed me how much I have to learn, and that I am oblivious to the world around me.

  16. Annie:

    There are a lot of things… My mom has always listened to me, even when I talk about stupid stuff like Harry Potter. My best friends gave me personalized, well thought out, meaningful birthday gifts that really made me smile. One of my best friends has been my best friend since we were 4. We are 15 now. My best friends love me so much. I know some people think that because we ate 15, we can’t have true, deep, meaningful friendships, but we do. I have the best friends ever, and the best parents. I’m a Christian, so I believe that, ultimately, the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me was Jesus dying for me.

  17. Raine:

    My facebook status was 🙁 and he called me, and wouldn’t hang up untill I told him what was wrong, and he does it anytime I’m upset now.He cared, when no one else did.

  18. L:

    Saved my life

  19. Chelsea:

    showed me what was truly important in life

  20. N:

    Rural living to spend with an important person

  21. N:

    Excuse me. It is a contribution error.

    ((Rural living to spend with an important person))

  22. Fran:


  23. J.:

    Dad came and talked to me when I was sad.

  24. Lottie:


  25. tanya:

    raised me and made sure i never wanted for anything, even when i was an annoying little shit

  26. Emma:

    offered to pay my application fee to my dream school when my family wouldn’t
    saved my life

  27. Heather:

    I went to the movies with a group of friends on a whim one day. During the movie a friend texted me about when the movie would be over. Her boyfriend, also my friend, told her that I wasn’t going to the movie. They then both got worried about me, because I didn’t reply to the text, and ended up calling my mom asking if where I was. When I found out about that it showed me that I do have people that care for me. I thought it was very nice of them to be worried and call and make sure I alright.

  28. Amanda:

    Show me that I am not alone

  29. Sasha:

    Loved me too.

  30. They caught me when I was falling, falling impossibly far. They caught me, and showed me they loved me, and still cared.

    They’re my best friends, and I’d die without them.

  31. F:

    My best friend told me she doesn’t want to be my friend. She wants to be my sister.
    Since then we are.

  32. Nick:

    They helped get through my loneliness.
    My brother helped me get my college admission.

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