Question 187

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  1. Anonymous:


  2. Zinni:

    i see satisfaction

  3. A:

    Hope…but I feel as if that hope is fading fast and I am not sure what that means.

  4. Tay:

    I see everything I want…even if it is just a dream.

  5. blank.

  6. Raine:

    Three outcomes: Me being completely happy and not looking back. Or having moved on completely and loving someone else. Or being heartbroken and asking why I made the same mistake again.

  7. L:

    Me and him ending up being high school sweet hearts:)

  8. Taj:

    Nothing. I used to see so much, until my heart was broken. Now everything’s an uncertainty, because if I fall in love again, my plans will be ruined. So I see nothing, nothing but a dark canvas.

  9. Anne:

    possibility…myself as a medical researcher, speaking french clearly, living in canada, spending time with great guy…etc. etc.

  10. N:

    There must be a person who loves next to me. Without saving appearances.

  11. Alex:


  12. Micki:

    A new chapter in the human evolution, where the average human knows himself, and is not controlled by fear, love, others and beliefs. I believe that this time of financial crisis and shallowness is just the bridge from our supressed past to our enlightended future

  13. Oceaveth:

    Not sure where I’ll be, but hopefully it will be doing a job I love.

  14. i see nothin’
    but i hope i can seek a comfortable life
    with my love ones and contented for what i have.

  15. leah:


  16. Margrét:

    Me, wearing a striped scarf, with coffee in my hand and books in a bag, walking down the frozen streets of London.

  17. Sophie:

    Questions. A lot of questions. From which I’ll get the answeres piece by piece, as soon as my future begins: now.

  18. tanya:

    i see a blur, its difficult to tell what i want it to be from what i expect it to be…and im quite worried because i dont see my current boyfriend whom i love anywhere in there…and i dont know what to make of that.

  19. scientia77:

    I cant tell anymore.

  20. April:

    Marrying my love 🙂
    My own career
    Having kids. Kinda scary.

  21. sab:

    A merry go round life and finally truth.

  22. ben:

    nobody will ever be able to tell. your plans, hopes, and aspirations will never stop changing. But death is a definitely.

  23. Karly:


  24. Heather:

    I can picture my future perfectly, but in the most pessimistic way. To sum it up, I see myself alone and with many problems.

  25. Riaan van der Westhuizen:

    great trouble and many difficulties, those who evercome and endure will make it….Their will of coarse be a measure of joy and happiness…..

  26. Doom, poverty, despair, pure unhappiness.

  27. Amanda:


  28. Emma:


  29. Sasha:


  30. anon:

    An uphill journey that I’m already on, leading to happiness, more love, and making a difference. And I see that for all of you, too! Keep on going, even if it’s hard now-you’re amazing and loved and you’ll get there!

  31. Nick:

    I see a better life.

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