Question 188

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  1. Justin:

    I am angry about how there are still people who do things to hurt someone or their life, like rape, physical abuse, etc. It made me angry because I wish I could do something to prevent that from happening to everyone in the universe.

  2. Consciously ignorant individuals that espouse hate and “truth”, as if they’re all of a sudden an authority figure on anything… when we as humans know next to absolutely nothing about anything.

  3. Anonymous:

    I’m angry about war, and all the bad things in the world. I don’t like violence, and I feel we CAN put a stop to it. But then I wonder, if bad experiences make you stronger, should we make an effort to eradicate them?

  4. N:

    It becomes the history, and the people learn that they protect it.
    Experience of somebody saves a person, and a victim appears again when I left it, and the human becomes stronger.
    The fair anger is protection. Please protect it.

  5. David:

    People who just don’t care.

  6. Grace:

    Not being able to do more, for those less fortunate.

  7. lis:

    Grammar mistakes… they are just so stupid. I don’t get how people that have received an education don’t know how to write their own language

  8. Anne:

    not much, lol.

    when guys are sexist.
    when religious people who believe homosexuality is a sin choose to hate the sinner, and the sin.(as opposed to hating the sin, not the sinner)
    when people are racist.
    and worst of all, when people stereotype and assume I and my friends are all of the above.(sexist, racist, and hateful)

  9. Fran:

    People who get screwed over by circumstances – not everyone can be a hero. No one should have to be.

  10. Jason:

    When people can’t see the value in their lives and choose to deface other peoples because they’re not happy with their own.

  11. Micki:

    Religous ‘Belief systemed’ people, who cant give you a straight anwer, example a Yes or No question, and instead push the anwer to the side and start justifying them selves instead of just giving me a completely honest answer

  12. Daphne:

    I makes me angry because it’s the easy way out.

  13. Annie:

    Many things:
    1. People who judge and make assumptions. Racists, sexists, or any other criteria for judging.
    2. My fellow Christians who hate the sinner. God loves everyone. He hates sin, and so should we. But we should still love the person.
    3. When amazing people hate themselves. They deserve to be happy with themselves, and it breaks my heart to see them hate themselves.
    4. When I hurt one of my best friends. I love them so much. And I manage to hurt them. A part of me wants to just leave them so I can never hurt or disappoint them again. But leaving them would break their hearts even worse than I ever have.

  14. Hestertjie Haarnaald:

    Injustice and ignorance… People thinking that their answer is the only right one and their reality is the only truth…

  15. when anyone thinks that i am weak. i’m very angry for those people have no care with the other’s feeling.And for those people who don’t care in our environment.

  16. Linda:

    people who dont respect other ppl

  17. Swish:

    Whenever one person or a group of people gets into a fight with another person or group.
    I don’t care what it’s about, contention is never the right answer.

  18. Anona:

    People using their disabilities as an excuse as to why they can’t do something. I have many disabilities but I do what I can in spite of them. Everyone should.

  19. TigerLily:

    when something makes me feel trapped.

  20. Hannah:

    Stupid, ignorant people because they don’t seem to understand or care about the world.

  21. Margr├ęt:

    People that manipulate others.

  22. Raine:

    Slackers, if you decide to take a hard class be prepared to work.
    Stupidity, people acting as if they have no idea what is going on. Most are just slackers.
    Unacceptence, I live in a conservative small town, I’m a freshman in high school and hearing people say “that’s gay” or when someone will not accept how someone acts. It makes someone seem ignorant and uneducated.

  23. tanya:

    things being out of my control, people you cant reason with, christians in general.

  24. April:

    Closed hearts
    Closed minds

  25. Kacie:

    Cruelty towards fellow humans or animals. This disgusts me incredibly and makes me angry because we, and they, feel pain and there is no reason for it.
    People who don’t show their true feelings up front and hide behind a fake mask because they fear hurting the person or are just bored with the person and are too cowardly to say something.
    People who don’t trust me when I’m right and go and do or say something stupid.

  26. Evan:

    When fellow Christians hate gays. God loves everyone, no matter the shape, size, or color-so why shouldn’t we?

  27. Andrew:

    when I know I have under achieved with my life and not met my full potential….

  28. ben:


  29. Tiffany:

    When people do not appreciate what others do for them. Because sometimes you try so hard to make someones life happier, safer, easier, and in return they treat you like crap.

  30. Amanda:

    When bad things happen to good people. It just isn’t fair and doesn’t make sense.

  31. Simultaneous:

    Recently, people have been trying to tell me how to live my life. One person even had the nerve to suggest I get medicine to change how I am. If I’m happy with my life and myself, why can’t they just leave it at that?

  32. Sarah:

    Fathers who don’t watch out for their baby girls.

  33. Nick:

    Heartless people and those people who try to fit in with the latest fashion even if it doesn’t suit them.

  34. Ricky:

    being alone

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