Question 189

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  1. Manderin:

    You should still do the right thing, even if most other people won’t

  2. Matt:

    Never give up on your family – deep down, they’ll never give up on you. I love you Mom & Dad.

  3. Sun:

    That I don’t ever want to be like them..

  4. Jason:

    Do what makes you happy, you’re the only one that can

  5. Fran:

    Family is family – don’t forget that that will always mean something.

  6. Micki:

    It’s better to be an original than a copy

  7. Laura:

    “This too shall pass”

  8. James:

    To learn the the true difference between what is right and what is wrong in life, as many dont and end up ruining the rest of their life, though that learn from an early age, end up becoming good people (that doesnt mean all)

    (( matter of opinion ))

  9. Lua:

    I learned from my family to valuate my self and respect others opinion to live my life

  10. Anne:

    I’m not done learning.

  11. Allie:

    Let no one compromise you.

  12. Spencer:

    How painful neglect is and how I’ll raise my children properly.

  13. kiki:

    that my parents did their outmost BEST and humanity does not appreciate things, as a great
    mayority and once they become parents then, they understand
    i learned to be grateful and not judge others
    that what counts is the heart

  14. J.:

    do what you gotta do now, so you can do what you wanna do later.

  15. N:

    Watching horror movies, I wonder that too “afraid of the ghosts you more human,” and taught.

  16. manderz:

    work hard in all you do because even if it doesn’t mean anything to you, it means everything to someone else

  17. Tamara:

    that this is not a dress rehearsal: You don’t get another life so don’t waste this one!

  18. Dina:

    Things don’t just come easily. You have to work hard in every single thing that you do in order to succeed

  19. Danny:

    That laughter is worth sharing

  20. if you are going to make a decision
    be sure that nobody you can hurt.,

  21. tess:

    Family never give up on family

  22. Erin:

    You only have one life; don’t waste it.

  23. Naz:

    That they are the two people I shouldn’t turn out like..

  24. starzgate:

    My mom told me “eventho you have a bad and worst parent, they are still your parents”

  25. I have full control of my own life, but I should never try to control others.

  26. Jenni:

    That sometimes you have to do what is right for you/makes you happy no matter what other people think.

  27. Margr├ęt:

    Stay happy and smile through life and you will succeed.

  28. Andrew:

    to think for myself…

  29. tanya:

    that im not perfect and i need to keep thinking of ways to improve and treat those around me with more love.
    and that until you know what you want to do with your life, an education is the best thing you can have.

  30. April:

    So hard to say. I guess my main thing I’m thankful for is how much they’ve taught me about my religion. I love my religion and I am so thankful for it.

  31. Heather:

    True love lasts. You can still be in love and act like teenagers, even in your fifties.

  32. Ryann:


  33. Tiffany:

    Not to do drugs, I saw how ate up they were, and how I only lived with them during my early life, and knew early how a “personal” choice to do drugs affects everyone around you.

  34. zai:

    don’t get married when you’re 18, live while you can, you will have plenty of time for family and kids

  35. Amanda:

    It’s okay to make mistakes.

  36. Emma:

    That I’ll never be like them

  37. Sarah:

    Show your class not your ass.

  38. Lauren:

    They gave me the basis for my faith by example and taught me that when everyone else leaves, your family never will.

  39. Nick:

    “Don’t try too hard to be like the people around you. Be yourself. Study hard. When we grow old, please take care of us.”

    I will.

  40. Renee:

    I learned how to spell “valuable”.

  41. Rory:

    1000 good deeds may bring nothing upon you, but 1 bad deed will bring everything upon you.

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