Question 191

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  1. Busse:

    music… and breeze on warm days

  2. A warm hookah, a cold energy drink, and good conversation.

  3. N:

    All the things feeling a season. Deep breathing. Cycling and a walk.

  4. Micki:

    Crash Bandicoot

  5. Peppermint tea and plenty of time to read blogs in the am.

  6. Brandon:

    Laughing with my son until we’re both crying.

  7. Laura:

    Music, my friends, the boat, snorkeling, laughing, smiling, etc.

    All the good things <3

  8. Toady:

    Just sitting on the playground in the evening when all the children are gone and laughing with my friends. Not doing anything illegal, not feeling awkward, just sitting on a swingset and acting like little kids.

  9. Anne:

    a sense of accomplishment, friends, and family.

  10. fran:

    -Playing with my dogs
    -Green tea

  11. Namunyak:

    cool breeze, sunset, grass to lie in, sunshine on your skin, smell of rain, laughter, sounds of nature, clothing fresh out of the dryer, cold pizza, the smell of coffee, mud squishing around your toes, rain on a warm day, i could go on…

  12. Cecilia:

    sitting in the sun with good friends smoking, sunrises, sunsets, clouds, smoking(I know), eating good food when I am really hungry, getting my work finished

  13. Meow:

    Looking at the clouds above you.

  14. Oceaveth:

    Ocean waves crashing against the shore, sunlight, sitting under a tree, enjoying nature.

  15. eman:

    i blast music and dance around while i clean my room

  16. Nj:

    Laughing ’til tears fill your eyes.

  17. watching the sunrise with my friends,family,classmates
    and my special someone..
    while playing with our pets.

  18. tess:

    Family, laughter, music, stars at night, sunset and smell of rain, birds chirping and watching the ocean

  19. leah:

    play/ listen to classical music… look down from a tall place… vacation

  20. Ael:

    The smell of rain & new roads. The roar of the ocean. A heartbeat in sync with my own. A good book. Looking at the sky at night in the country. Dancing and singing when no one is around.

  21. TigerLily:

    Family. Sunsets. Random smiles.

  22. Mel:

    -The silence between the best of friends that is so very far away from being awkward.
    -Laughing/laughing with great friends.
    -Great friends.
    -Those moments when you’re in class with your best friend and something you both think is hilarious happens and it takes all your might to not laugh out loud, which makes you laugh/giggle even more.
    -Knowing in your very being that certain people will always be in your life no matter what.

  23. Nesha:

    playing a good ol game of domino’s and drinking ice tea.

  24. gita:

    – online tea dates with my boyfriend who lives far away.
    – getting wet in the rain.
    – buying candies for sister.
    – smiling at random people and imagining their life- and love-stories.
    – talking nonsense with family until we laugh so hard we can’t breathe.
    – holding someone’s hand.
    – cooking and having meals together with people i love.
    – walking into an unknown direction.
    – thinking that the planet has a heart and that it’s smiling at me. <3

  25. Raine:

    Cantering my horse in a nature park with no other worries.

    Finishing a race with a new best time and only a tenth faster than your opponent.

  26. Jo:

    Taking a deep breath and submerging yourself underwater, deep down, listening to the silence, the tranquility, opening your eyes and seeing peace.

  27. Lizz:

    Swinging with my sister at the park. taking a nap with Carolyn. Watching a really good movie. A good book.

  28. MattAdd:

    … playing the piano and just letting the music happen. Whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour… time just flies by and I am enthralled for every second.

  29. marla:

    having all of my family gathered in the same room, curling up with a chinese and a good movie, having my nose kissed, being bitten by my cat.

  30. Jillianne:

    Holding someone hand,
    Feeling the sun kiss my skin gently,
    Looking at the stars and feeling that night breeze.

  31. Debbie:

    Coming back after a night out and just before I unlock the door, I look up to the stars and smile…

    Feeling that one ray of sunshine that gives you goosebumps.

    Smelling him, see him waking up and smiling because he saw me.

  32. April:

    -Staring into the stars.
    -Singing with my lover.
    -Sitting in the middle of a rainstorm with one of my best friends as everyone else runs for cover.
    -Staring into my lover’s eyes and knowing that I am the only one he wants and he’s the only one I want.
    -Squishing silt between your toes.
    -Smiling so much that your face hurts.
    -Softly pressing my lips against my love’s.
    -Having him hold me.

  33. Mary:

    be alone n chillin’ with soft piano music from Yiruma… & be with the one I love! <3

  34. agdd:

    Reading People , Seventeen mag , etc . Competitive swimming . Hot bubble baths . When me and him were together : walks to the rocks and beach . Watching favorite television . Going to the movies .

  35. ben:


  36. Emma:

    playing guitar
    spending days at the park with my friends

  37. Tiffany:

    Holding my husbands hand, listening to and watching a thunderstorm

  38. Holly:

    A bottle of wine and a starry sky.

  39. zai:


  40. Lulu:

    A warm bed. A soft kiss. Laughter. Love.

  41. Samantha:

    smelling the warm salty ocean air and being myself with the only ones who really know ME

  42. P:


  43. Amanda:

    Laughing until it hurts with my best friends. Cuddling with my boyfriend and falling asleep in each others arms.

  44. Jordan:

    Cute notes
    holding hands
    late night conversations
    cups of coffee
    long car rides with someone you love
    new running shoes

  45. dani:

    music, skiing, lying my head on someone’s shoulder or chest

  46. Jessi:

    -the first cup of warm coffee in the morning
    -the moments after making love where you look into your partners eyes and know you’re the only one on their mind
    -laughing with family about silly inside jokes
    -the smell of baking(cookies, muffins, pastries, anything 🙂 )
    -waking up before the alarm and realizing you still have 20mins of sleep left
    -watching your favorite movies again, just because you can
    -lighting the good candles
    -completing a project/personal goal
    -reading old love notes
    -sharing tea with your grandparents and talking about life
    -reading the paper, end to end

  47. Nick:

    Music, the internet and life itself.

  48. Julie Takase:

    fishing, reading, laughing with friends, watching him play with baby

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