Question 193

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30 Responses to “Question 193”

  1. DMS:

    stupid things.

  2. Lacey:

    I think being quirky makes me intresting… so most of the quirky things I do.

  3. Sicarus:

    Nothing. If people don’t like me as I am, then they can burn in hell for all i care. Impressing people with fake lies is just stupid. The truth ALWAYS comes out…

  4. I end-up trying (and most times failing) to talk about things I really know nothing about to keep their attention. Tough making friends sometimes when you can’t really BS about anything…

  5. PAULA:


  6. jj:

    I act more confident then I actually am.

  7. Namunyak:

    same as jj… i just pretend that i’m not insecure because confidence is attractive, even if it’s not real.

  8. Meg:

    I bake.

  9. Laura:

    Even if it seems like everything’s crashing down around me, I still smile.

  10. Anne:

    try to look skinny, and act more outgoing than I am

  11. leah gemanil:

    i do my best.

  12. N:

    I knock at a door kindly.

  13. Anona:


  14. Chano:

    usually dance moves, handstands, fingertip pullups, and other uncommon things people cannot do well that I am great at

  15. TigerLily:

    ridiculous silly things.

  16. Anonymous:

    Talk about the universe

  17. turtle:

    i act way cooler than i am

  18. August:

    I act more confident than I am inside and shake my hips a little more when I walk

  19. MattAdd:

    I yap about my life – and don’t listen to others as well as I usually do.

  20. marla:

    try to be skinny and pretty, make stories up to appear cooler than i am when in fact my life is actually pretty exciting, and bake.

  21. Evan:

    I lie.

  22. April:

    I’m not really sure. I always try to look good, but that’s not really for everyone else.

  23. Anotherperson:

    I “take on” their personality.

  24. Avocado:

    Anotherperson– I do that, too! I’m a chameleon.

  25. Draw in public.

  26. Parksy:

    sing, play instruments, jump on tables, sit in trash cans, lay in the halls, climb light poles and all manner of other things, hide food under ceiling tiles, drugs.

  27. Dress in certain colors to give myself the appearance of slimness.

  28. Dani:

    Everything – and I aim to change that. I only want to impress myself

  29. Nick:

    Sing some songs and do stupid things.

  30. jsavanahs:

    Tell people all the random facts that I know, that are absolutely useless, but fun to hear.

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