Question 195

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  1. Jackie:

    my mom, dog, and cat. caroline, marissa, and jenna. hannah, lizzie, and madison. jose and blake.

  2. Laura:

    My family, my best friends, my dog

  3. Heather:

    My family, my friends, my coworkers.

  4. TigerLily:

    My Mom. My Dad. My Brother. My Grandparents. My Cousins. My aunts & uncles. Me.

  5. Annie:

    I love my friends. My friend Colette is one of the most fun/funny people on the planet. When I’m with her I know she will make me smile. And yet, she can be an excellent listener too. She’s really creative and artistic. She can have an intelligent discussion with you. My friend Samantha is one of the happiest people I know. She can make the most mundane things fun. I love talking to her. We could talk to each other forever. She’s very smart, but she doesn’t flaunt it. She always wants to be nice. My friend Heather is amazing. She has been my best friend since we were four. We are fifteen now, and we are still the best of friends. She would never hurt anyone intentionally. She can make you think. She is a sympathetic listener when you need a shoulder to cry on, and she is absolutely hilarious when you need to laugh. She will give you so much love and ask for nothing in return. She is kind, compassionate, forgiving, loving, trustworthy, loyal, empathetic, and she has the best heart I’ve ever seen. I would believe it if you told me any one of my friends was an an angel in human form.

  6. Mel:

    My best friends-turned-brothers, my best friends, my best friends-turned-sisters, my friends, my mom, my family, my dogs.

  7. Lottie:

    The people that stayed when the rest of the world walked out.

  8. Lacey:

    My mom and sisters. And my pets. I don’t know if I truly love any of my friends.

  9. Hello:

    My family, my cousin, my uncle, my best friend and my dog.

  10. Kelly:

    JESUS CHRIST!!!! 🙂

  11. Anyone and everyone, always. No exceptions.

  12. Anne:

    My friends, who will each be getting codenames because I’m afraid one of my friends will see this and find they’re not on the list.

    Derek, Christen, Rebecca, and Georgia.
    yayyy friends and family.

  13. Shaun:

    I love my best friend Casey Drummond!!!!

  14. Judi:

    My best friend (my husband – it’s not just a romantic love). My kids. My sis. My Dad. My brothers. Mum. Others in my family too, and my friends and pets, but those are the ones who are most deeply important to me.

  15. N:

    Nature and animal, mission, family, and friend.

  16. My brother, my mother, my father. Those I am entirely sure about.
    My friends? Most of those aren’t close enough to me.

  17. My life, most of all having the chance & opportunity that to do so much more than so many others ever have a chance of doing. Includes all those people who are constants in my life from friends to the local shop keeper

  18. Allison:

    Michael. He’s the only one whose never walked out on me.

  19. Raine:

    M family, obviously. My best friends, there’s some I consider best friends, but some go beyond that. My swim coach, he cares so much about us it’s hard not to. He is the first one to notice if I have a bad day, even when I can fool everyone else. Music, it’s a release for me. The pool, I canm think. And my horses, when everything goes wrong a horse’s gentle eye and forgiving look gives me hope.

  20. August:

    I love my cats, they are my children and I wouldn’t give them up for anything in this world. I love my best friend she funny and quirky, but she’s going through some really tough times in her life and I want so much to just help her and tell her things I have never told anyone before, I love her so much more than just as a friend, but unfortunately she’s 100% straight

  21. Lizz:

    My sister Madison, my niece Carolyn, my aunt and uncle. My parents.

  22. MattAdd:

    My parents – and my cat

  23. m:

    The girl who saved my life. And everyone else.

  24. Lenny:

    I have 10 best friends whom I could not hold closer to my heart at all:
    Satoshi, Dylan, Jon, Andrew, Phil, Ben, Luke, Drew, Max, and Fabian.

  25. marla:

    my mum and dad, my sister, my stepbrother, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, my cat and my dog, and a selection of old and new friends.

  26. Hollow:

    My family and my pets. I can’t trust anyone else anymore.

  27. Kacie:

    My best friend Claudia. She might always be sick, but she and I are peas in the pod and I love her so much.

  28. April:

    My family
    My best friends

  29. anthony:

    god,mom,dad , brothers, sisters, my baby to be!!! my fiance and very person that has put me toward the right path of living. God mostly being that in secret.

  30. Annie:

    I hate being 15 years old. No one believes me when I say I love my friends. They think it’s just words when I say it. They think it’s cute or that I mean it superficially. They think I couldn’t possibly understand something as like love.

  31. Bailey:

    Gabby Marnada!

  32. Amanda:

    Family, friends, my cats

  33. Emma:

    My three sisters, hands down

  34. Kikyo:

    My parents, my sisters and my grandma

  35. Nick:

    God, my family and friends.

  36. Brandy:

    My kids…to the moon and back <3

  37. Ashley:

    My mom, my step-father(RIP), my sisters, Shane, Jen, Tyler, Joe, Aidan, Lexi, Lindsay, Hannah, Tota, Nana, Sheena, Gib, Brandon, Bob, Madi, Logan, Quinlyn, Vanessa, Melaine, Richard, Peachie, Carl, Rustic, Mohamed, Fatty, Punkin’, Bandit, Cuddles, Meah(-_-), Todd, Anne, Damien, Jonathan. I sat here for twenty minutes after I named all those people, I absolutely cannot think of anyone else right now. I did think of other people, but I realized, that I don’t truly know if I “love them.

  38. Jason B:

    my best friends
    Kristin, Sofi, Ali, Jeff, Phil, Ryan.
    and Christina (even though shes a bitch)

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