Question 6

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21 Responses to “Question 6”

  1. Charlene:

    I dont ask enough questions. I want to know a lot of things but i dont try hard enough to find the answers.

  2. bobby:

    I try to understand many things on my own.
    But when i’m stucked, i have no problem in asking politely for help. It almost always pays off if i do like this.

  3. I love how this is illustrated by a black Apple user.

  4. i always ask questions. knowledge is so important.

  5. April:

    No. I need to learn more and question things more.

  6. fenixdemilo:

    Usually I figure things out on my own, which has upsides and downsides. But I never ask enough questions. Probably should ask more though

  7. Aimee:

    I don’t ask many questions.. the ones I do ask never seem to be answered.. so I settle for what I know and what other people volunteer to teach me..

  8. Lauren:

    I ask so many questions – probably too many in fact. But I never rest until I find out the answer to the things that matter the most.

  9. Amanda:

    Sometimes I think I ask too many questions. I want to know everything!

  10. Rebekah:

    I ask too many questions.

  11. Diva:

    I’m going to have to agree with Rebekah on this one. I ask too many questions LOL.

  12. RubenRybnick:

    i ask lots of questions

  13. Nick:

    I ask questions.

  14. Fallenstar:

    I ask about things I need to know and about things I want to know. I don’t know whether that’s enough or not. But ask I do. Coming to think of it… not really all that frequently. Will have to do something about that.

  15. Nicole:

    There is never a point where one can ask too many questions. Learn all that you can. If that requires you to ask questions, do it. Any knowledge is worth having. There may be a day when you can no longer ask questions, or remember their answers. Take advantage of the ability now because you may regret not doing it down the road. Happy learning! :]

  16. Michael Hitchcock:

    I question frequently.

    Whenever I face failure or disappointment it is time to ask questions and see if it isn’t my own worldview that got me into this mess.

  17. Julie Takase:

    ask questions.

  18. Rachael:

    I settle for what I know… I’m usually scared to ask questions, like intense stuff because I’m scared of the answer…

  19. Rowena:

    I’m always asking questions. I always want to know more… I really hate being left in the dark. But WHO I ask the questions is an entirely different story.

  20. jhierren:

    Both. But I often settle.

  21. chichay:

    before i am not afraid of asking questions but now i don’t know what happened and i am just contented with everything i know

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