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  1. N:

    Having driven around in a tricycle with the near girl of the year to live in the neighborhood.

  2. Sun:

    Beating a kid in the head with a tambourine ..I might have been 3 or 4 years..

  3. gita:

    that of me in the cradle, crying out loud, crying and crying, and feeling so frustrated that I cannot express myself in any human terms.

  4. Liz:

    My Pops and I walking on a windy gravel road to my house on my birhtday.

  5. Namunyak:

    being a 4-year old introvert, not knowing how to play house, but being forced to by the girls that insisted on being my friends! first time i ever felt awkward, certainly not the last…haha

  6. Lacey:

    I think hugging my friend at school… and every one asked if we were dating and of course being 5 we blushed and shouted no.

  7. Nesha:

    When my little brother was born i remember going in to his room and standing over his crib trying to talk to him. he was only i was 3yrs.

  8. Anne:

    climbing out of my crib and sliding down the stairs on my bottom (it was easier than walking at the time) to my parents room because I had a bad dream about these two chihuahuas trying to eat me. I have a good memory 🙂

  9. Meghan:

    I was three years old and almost everyday I would ask my mother if I was four yet. My one brother is just a year older than me, so I would share a lot with him. We decided one day that we were both four because I didn’t like being younger.

  10. Barbara:

    Walking up to my older brothers elementry school with my grandma and waiting for him. My grandma then gave us each a $1 and rapped 50 cents in it (so we didn’t drop it) and then we would race down to the golf course to buy candy or chips. I love my grandma she was always there for me when my mom couldn’t be =)

  11. Cassie:

    Riding in a moving van with my dad and everytime we drove under a bridge he would have me and him hold up the roof so the bridge didnt crush us… It was good then

  12. Jo:

    Telling my grandmother proudly that I’m “free” years old, struggling to hold up three fingers at the same time.

  13. MattAdd:

    Drinking a can of Coke – and my hands weren’t big enough for my fingers to go all the way around. I was sitting on a low brick wall at my Gran’s house in Boksburg, South Africa… and my Dad took a photo of me sitting staring into the can and sucking on the straw.

  14. Josh:

    I Remember the night before my 3rd birthday the morning of my 3rd birthday and part of the birthday party.

  15. kiki:

    walking down some stairs in a cold winter morning, going through some glass doors, and seeing my favourite auntie come towards me in a wheelchair pushed by a doctor in green. i was 16 months old

  16. Kacie:

    Before my brother was born and my parents and I were living in my uncle’s house when I was two, maybe younger, and I was lying in my cot at night looking out the window at the leafless, scary branches outside and clutching onto the red blanket I still have now.

  17. April:

    Getting lost in the mall when I was about 3. My brother was supposed to be watching me, but he wasn’t watching close enough I guess. I wandered off and some nice lady picked me up and she took me to a candy store and bought me candy. I remember sitting on the counter and I think she had them call for my parents over an intercom. Then I remember being in our van and the door opening and being sad when the balloon she bought me flew away.

  18. Emma:

    sitting with my grandpa in his office watching Disney movies

  19. Anonymous:

    At three the surroundings in a house. I am convinced that I knew at that second that I will always call that moment the first.

  20. stella:

    a really scary dream where a character from sesame street ate me. then the next day at preschool and the color green… i cant really explain it

  21. Parksy:

    i don’t want to sound like an emo, cause all of my answers are coming off that way haha! i’m not looking for pity either, but this was honestly my earliest memory.
    laying on my back on the bathroom counter getting my diaper changed by my mom and hearing my dad say that if i shit myself again he would shoot me.

  22. BA:

    None before my parents divorce when I was twelve. I think they’re repressed.

  23. Tripping on a stair, cutting my knee, but being very brave and not crying. (4 years old)

  24. Amanda:

    Swimming in my kiddie pool in my great-grandmother’s backyard. I was probably 2 or 3.

  25. Jay:

    I have two.

    I remember when I was like two and running around in a parking lot of a mountain road and my parents were looking out the window. Then I remember being strapped into a car seat and given a bottle of apple juice.

    The other one is of my third birthday party. I remember picking a scab on my elbow and holding a lion doll, having an itchy dress on, and standing over the air vent in my neighbor’s house. Then walking across the street, into my house, and having a little surprise birthday with my mom and autn and cake. Then my dad got home from work and I was in underwear and a shirt.

    … I dunno.

  26. dani:

    lying on the couch, head pouring blood, wiating for my cousin to be picked up from my house, so i could so i could go to the hospital to get stiches. i think i was 4.

  27. Erika:

    a very blurry (i guess i needed glasses even then) memory of me running through a playhouse at nursery school and kneeling next to a tree, convinced that if i was quiet enough, i would be able to hear the fairies that lived in it.

  28. Trey:

    I have two. One is of my laying on my couch bleeding from my feet to my thights. I had just gotten out of the pool and was running inside for a reason i dont know. i slid across the patio. The weird thing is i dont remember any pain.. just the sight of all the blood. It was horrifying. I was proably 4.

    my other memory is from that same year but i cant remember which came first thats why im listing both. I was outside of my grandmas house on easter sitting in the sand box with my cousin. Thats the last time i can remember ever being happy. I refused to go back inside.

  29. DSL:

    Waking up, grabbing my blanket, walking to my parents’ bedroom and telling them I had lost my bed.

    I really had no idea where it was.

    Makes me laugh every time I think of it xD

  30. Nick:

    Being careless, which resulted in me having a small scar on my forehead.

  31. PufferFish:

    Sitting on my dad’s shoulders, looking over a brick wall at the elephants that were in town with the circus. I had a cherry lolly.
    I was apparently only about a year and a half old and should NOT be able to remember it. I apparently remember it better than my dad does, if anything…

  32. Ricky:

    being in a playground going down a slide with my pops laughing and playing with me. one of my fondest moments

  33. Copper:

    Grabbing the flame on the candle of my cake on my 1st birthday.

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