Question 197

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69 Responses to “Question 197”

  1. April:

    The Book of Mormon
    The Princess Bride

  2. Kaitou:

    The Discworld Series

  3. Amanda:

    The Giver

  4. Katii:

    What Happened to Lani Garver. by Caroll plum-ucci

  5. Jordan:

    The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

  6. Macey:

    my own one.

  7. Teresa:

    Little Women

  8. Carrie:

    Harry Potter. I listen to Wizard Rock now, its part of who I am. When nobody else was there, Harry was there. It opened the door to the world of literature and fandom. My life has never been the same.

  9. Harry Potter. it feels so magic and special, the way the characters all get so involved. it proves there is a place you can get away and be accepted, i absolutely love it

  10. olga:

    The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking. blew. my. mind.

  11. Lauren:

    The Bible- it’s what guides my principles and decision-making every day.
    The Alchemist- Every time I read it, I get a renewed sense of purpose.

  12. Nick:

    I agree with Lauren.
    The Bible and The Alchemist FTW.

  13. Elyse G:

    StarGirl by Jerry Spinelli.
    Also, Cheet and Harry Potter.

    They all comfort me when I am in need of a distraction, usually from a depressed or angry mood. And they have given me whole new ways to look at the world. I love books and reading for these reasons, but these made the most impact.

  14. Delilah:

    The Giver
    Harry Potter ( I grew up reading it)

  15. Fatima:

    The Alchemist

  16. The Holy Bible & Our Daily Bread

  17. Joey:

    the Spenser mysteries by Robert B Parker, RIP

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