Question 199

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15 Responses to “Question 199”

  1. Anne:

    Probably in fourth grade when my neighbor, one of my close friends, wanted to drink beer. He stole a bottle and I followed him into the woods. He drank almost have of it and gave it to me. I took a sip and smashed the bottle. He was mad. But I didn’t regret it.

  2. Lacey:

    This boy I really really like was trying to get me to go to a party, and my friend thinking she was helping said we should go and tried to get me to.

    I didn’t give in…
    but I wish I had

  3. Ashley:

    driving in a car with a drunk driver.

    We were very lucky and nothing happened, but I hate that I got in.

  4. MattAdd:

    Taking my first drug… and I caved in.

  5. Incrediburgers:

    The pressure to act with tact. And, apparently, I’ve resisted. Suck my succulent, juicy, granny-smith-apple-infused balls. MMMMmmmmmmmm…. I know it would be weird, but hey – I can always fantasize about some Supermodel from Mars – – it’ll be awesome when Grammy sucks my gigantic penis with her toothless mouth, moiling my solid snake between her squishy, multi-colored gums…

  6. gita:

    The global belief that the good stuff is always reserved for someone else, and that happiness comes later, and that no one’s very special except a few selected individuals who never include you. That is the greatest lie on Earth. That, and that in order to be loved, you should be a little less yourself and a little more like someone else. Come on. <3

  7. gita:

    but somehow everyone seems to believe it and it pulls you in along with everyone else. Coping with it, takes falling in love with yourself over and over again. Looking into the mirror and smiling at something that sometimes no one but you can see. Having a birthday every day.

  8. Evan:

    To be straight. And for years, I pretended I was.

  9. n:

    to conform to what people think I should be.

  10. Kye:

    … to thinking that I had to play the popularity game in order to be happy. Now, a few good people who love me and who I love… that’s all I really need.

  11. Anonymous:

    That one can’t do it.

    Cope with it: ignoring them, remembering all the examples where most of the people get it wrong (like money brings happiness), a feeling of superiority.

  12. anonymus:

    when my dad forced me to take a shot of vodka. I didn’t cope,I was scared and he was screaming at me, so I took it. I wish I never had.

  13. Amanda:

    When I was a teenager, I had two friends that would always pressure me to shoplift. I stopped being friends with them. One of them eventually got arrested for shoplifting.

  14. Andrea:

    Sometimes it isn’t the pressure of being asked, but the pressure of watching others do. My friends all live successful lives, yet they smoke and drink. They never asked me to with them, but watching them do stuff and still be a better person than I am convinced me to try it as well.

  15. Nick:

    Way back in elementary, my guy friends would always talk about wrestling and video games, which I wasn’t interested in. How I cope with it? I just sit there and hope they would finish their conversation.

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