Question 200

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70 Responses to “Question 200”

  1. alex:

    that there is a chemical in every pool that will turn the water around you red if you pee

  2. Victoria:

    That I won’t be happy if I’m not “normal”.

  3. Parksy:

    That love governs anything

  4. The “God” lie.

  5. Lulu:

    You’re not fun to be around.

  6. Amanda:

    “We will be best friends forever”

  7. L:

    I am not worthy of your love or time and my opinion doesnt matter

  8. Jay:

    “He’s gonna be okay.”

  9. Emma:

    We will make it to Sydney the day after you turn 18

  10. Anonymous:

    “I love you I will never leave you ever again”

  11. Andrew:

    Organized Religion! Such as Christianity, judasim, and islam.

  12. Yuchie:

    If you live your life bringing happiness to people, you’ll bring happiness to yourself.

    And then I got sexually assaulted. What the hell kind of karma is that.

  13. Sasha:

    You are happy to let me be who I want to be.

  14. June:

    “It will get better.”
    “We’re best friend, forever. I would walk through fire for you.”

  15. Nick:

    “When you don’t brush your teeth, a cockroach will creep inside your mouth.”

  16. Johanna:

    I once believed it was my fault he hit me…that I was always to blame…

  17. Phunk:

    There is a god

  18. Franz:

    “God” and everything around it. If there’s a god, why is our world so shitty? No matter what, he could’ve done better.

  19. Copper:

    His whole fake life that he made me believe. I had no idea about his double life.

  20. hexmage:

    That she cared.

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