Question 204

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43 Responses to “Question 204”

  1. Lacey:

    You finally getting your self together and realizing what you have been avoiding all along.

  2. Gary:

    The return of the Lord Jesus!

  3. J.:

    The train. On a more personal note, for that person who I am supposed to be with for the remainder of my life.

  4. Kenneth:

    For someone to say yes.

  5. MattAdd:

    My alarm clock…

  6. m:

    Death. You shouldn’t wait around for anything else.

  7. Hana:


  8. Ker:

    I think its worth waiting for reason before speaking without thought.

  9. Anonymous:

    My future.

  10. salvacion:

    waiting for someone i could spend the rest of my life…but i dont know, kinda tired of waiting.

  11. Justin:

    Love. And yet, that is hard. I am starting to give up.

  12. Anne:


  13. Justina:

    The answers to the burning questions in your heart.

  14. Fisher:

    Her <3

  15. Chelsea Nicole:

    Him. And he always will be.

  16. Tiff:

    He is. But I’m not waiting for him, for love, for my future husband, for sex. It’s easy to figure out what’s worth waiting for… it’s alot harder to actually do that waiting.

  17. u will know when u realise uv bin waiting for it with out knowing about it

  18. Robert:

    the girl of my dreams. even though it may be a life time before i meet her.

  19. Annei:


  20. Hannah:


  21. Debbie:

    Him, he still has my heart

  22. Amy:

    I am not surprised that the most common response here is “love” or “the one”. I think this is the desire of most, if not all, people. But I can’t help but question how does this response reflect in the turmoil of relationships around us. Do we wait and mistake “the one” for someone else. Do we give up waiting and settle? Or do we wait for it, find it…and ultimately let it go.

    for those who say that love is the thing most worth waiting for…I wonder how they would answer the question, “what is most worth fighting for”… would they also answer “love” or “the one”.

    If we’re willing to wait for it for so long, I’d hope that we’d also be willing to fight our lives to keep and sustain it in our lives. Current divorce statistics might suggest otherwise. (Not to judge, since I’ve never been married…I’m really just thinking out loud here and trying to make sense of what appears to be a dichotomy of sorts.)

    …and I would probably answer “love” or “Jesus” also. At times, unfortunately, my life may not reflect that stance very well.

  23. andy:


  24. diana:

    ^ I’m with him <3

  25. Katie:

    Marriage. I’m fortunate to have found him, now we just have to finish school, get jobs, and then get married and finally never have to be long distance again. 4.5 years and still patiently waiting.

  26. Pita:

    Finding your true self

  27. Ael:

    Love is worth waiting for. For me, Camen is worth waiting for.

  28. Nicole:

    Him to be true 🙂

  29. Conor:

    If people read Amy’s answer above, I have a suggested answer; I think finding ‘the one’ doesn’t happen like a fairytale or romance novel. You don’t just find someone and you think they’re perfect and they think you are and everything works perfectly forever. What I think happens is; you realise that of all their imperfections, all their problems, they’re not perfect, but they make you happy. You’ve learnt to deal with and accept their flaws and you wouldn’t swap them for anyone else, even if the most ‘perfect’ person came along. If you manage to do that, and find yourself totally comfortable with everything about them, and the same is true vice versa, then you both have found ‘the one’. When looking into the future makes you think “I wonder what we’ll be doing together in years to come.” rather than “I wonder if we’ll be doing things together in years to come.”

    For me, security and comfort are worth waiting for. Not just physically, but socially, romantically, emotionally etc. If you’re secure, and comfortable with everything, then there’s little else you need.

  30. ben:

    Conor you hit that directly of the head of the nail. That really is true love.

  31. Jillianne:

    Unconditional Love

  32. Inka:

    Love. It’s worth everything

  33. rumi:

    love love love

  34. Ryann:

    life is a waiting game. Timing is everything. u just gotta figure out a way to make the waiting fun or find someone to wait with you 🙂

  35. Bails:

    its worth waiting to figure out what your true reason for being on the earth its!

  36. Anna:

    It is worth waiting for a time you finally realise the lessons learned were for a reason.

  37. Jerry:

    Someone I can commit myself to. I am sick of hurting people.

  38. Christy:

    Returning to my hometown!

  39. Amanda:

    Love. Happiness.

  40. A:

    Love. Truth. Dreams.

  41. nocturnesthesia:

    The pizza guy! Gotta love the western world.

  42. Jomz:

    Love life.

  43. Nick:

    My significant other and the rest of the future.

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