Question 205

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33 Responses to “Question 205”

  1. Anonymous:

    I wish I had talked to her before time became so short

  2. Chelsea Nicole:

    I wish I had told him how much he meant to me, before April 1, 2007.

  3. nothing it can all still b done

  4. larry:

    I wish I hadn’t waited until I was 45 to follow my career dreams, but I guess better late than never.

  5. Lacey:

    Every little compliment I’ve been too afraid to tell someone.

  6. Micki:

    A lot…

  7. Nick Goswami:

    I wish i could say things that I was too afraid to say.

  8. Be Honest about myself. Be Brave enough to be social to make friends. I am lonely.

  9. Lua:

    A lot But I think there is still a lot of time ^.*

  10. Christy:

    The random acts of kindness I’ve been brought up not to do because I am a young Caucasian female and the world is not to be trusted.

  11. MattAdd:

    I wish I had believed in myself that little bit more…

  12. Erin:

    I wish I had continued up the wall in the rock climbing gym, but I was so scared… and I felt so embarrassed to be scared.

  13. Anonymous:

    To finally stand up to my parents…

  14. Laura:

    Tell him how I feel. Just outright say it before it’s too late.

  15. Justin:

    To tell someone the truth all the time and not care about what they think of me. For instance, telling a girl what i feel or expressing who i am

  16. Spencer:

    All of them.

  17. grace:

    being able to just be myself and actually not care what other people think of me

  18. Evan:

    Be myself. And not care what others think about me.

  19. Jeff:

    I wish I had risked having my heart broken a few times.

  20. Katie:

    I want to try sky diving some time!

  21. Carmen:

    I wish i risked telling him that i love him when it mattered, now its too late.

  22. Kelly:

    Giving some people a chance. i just assume it wont work out.

  23. Conor:

    I wish I’d risked telling her how I felt. 7/8 years (from when I was 8 to when I was 15/16) is a long time to waste on one crush. I also wish I’d risked standing up to my ex while we were together, I could have been much happier, or maybe we’d have realised we weren’t right for each other earlier.

  24. Jillianne:

    The risk off speaking my truth, my gut feelings when I was in the relationship when I felt something was not right, but pushed it aside.
    I wish I trusted my self enough to speak up.

  25. Tiffani:

    I wish I would have kissed him. Just once before our paths split. When I saw him for the very last time, it was years after the fact and I had a baby in my arms.

  26. sab:

    All of them and more.

  27. Anna:

    Leave myself free time to take a change of spontaneous things coming up.

  28. Amanda:

    I wish I did the study abroad program earlier in college. I was too nervous to leave my family, friends, and boyfriend for 4 months. I’m graduating next semester, and it’s too late now. I feel like I missed out.

  29. Emma:

    Still applying to the school we planned on going to in Seattle

  30. Anisha:

    I wish I told him how I feel before I left.

  31. Dani:

    Doing all of the things I was afraid of doing because of self-esteem

  32. Nick:

    I wish I dated, though I knew I would get dumped in the end.
    And like Dani, I wish I did the things I want to do but afraid of doing because of lack of confidence.

  33. Bob:

    Hey howdy hoe neighbor

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