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  1. Not Telling:

    I’m very hesitant to trust anyone.

  2. Greatest strength? My ability to connect with most anyone on a personal level.

    Greatest weakness? My inability to remain dedicated to any one thing.

  3. Anonymous:

    My greatest weakness would be my inability to share my feelings, and my greatest strength is to trust anyone.

  4. Lacey:

    My greatess strength? To be able to forgive and forget. I don’t hold a grudge.
    My greatess weakness? I’m really awkward in conversations.

  5. Meghan:

    My greatest strength is that I can listen to anyone who needs to say something.
    My weakness is responding out loud as to how I feel about it or give them the advice they need. But if they were to ask me just to write it down, I could say wonders.

  6. Andy:

    My greatest strength is that im able to forgive and forget.
    My weakness is maybe that i do it to much

  7. Strength: Ability to forgive easily.
    Weakness: Ability ( is it not an ability anymore because it is not a strength? ) to be angered just as easily.

  8. J.:

    Greatest strength: my love, my thoughtfulness, my disbelief of anything being impossible.
    Greatest weakness: my tendency to over think things.

  9. K:

    Strength: My determination and perseverance
    Weakness: I fall for people too easily.

  10. m:

    People usually tell me my greatest strength/ability is that I can always see the best, brightest, most beautiful side of any given person.

    But secretly, my greatest weakness is that I can never see the good in myself.

  11. Lua:

    Strength: optimism , Confidence and take responsibility 🙂

    Weakness: my good heart

  12. Laura:

    My mind is both my greatest strength and my greatest weakness. One of my best assets is my intelligence, but I also have a tendency to over-think (especially in social situations) and talk myself out of doing a lot of things by worrying and doubting.

  13. sudheer kumar:

    my girl she z every thing and my friends too

  14. N:

    A beloved person

  15. Me:

    Q: What is my greatest strength and my greatest weakness?

    A: I can hold everything inside.

  16. MM:

    My greatest strength is my loyalty to friends and family
    My greatest weakness: my short temper…. working on it.

  17. Swish:

    My greatest strength is how perceptive I am. Example? I just know when my friends and family aren’t telling the truth when they say they’re fine and smile like it is, and do everything I can to help.

    My greatest weakness is expecting the same from them.

  18. S:Very Me
    W: Too Me


  19. Ael:

    My greatest strength? I can connect with people, broken people, I’ve just met, as if I’ve known them for years. My greatest weakness? I get attached to these people and try to help them, and I get hurt when I can’t.

  20. Anne:

    strength: great at making friends with other girls
    weakness: blubbering idiot in front of guys

  21. Britty:

    Stength : Holding it together and being able to listen to everyones problems
    Weakness : Not being able to trust

  22. Conor:

    My greatest weakness: I think too much and care too much. I trust too easily and put myself in a position of vulnerability with people. I get really hurt and upset when I feel like I’m hurting someone else, especially if there’s nothing I can do about it. If it’s something I’ve done, I almost never stand up for myself and try to justify my decisions, I get too worked up with making things right any way can, as quickly as I can.

    My greatest strength: I am very good at stopping and thinking about situations I find myself in, and making the decision based on rational thought, rather than emotion or instinct. However, this is ineffective when people I love, or even just care for, are being hurt or potentially could be hurt. Counter-intuitively, I maintain a level head and don’t get affected that much by death of loved ones, when others around be break down easily. Loss of a loved one due to some other reason gets to me far more.

  23. Erin:

    My greatest strength and my weakness might just be one and the same. I’m perceptive. I can tell if they’re lying when they say that no, they weren’t whispering about me. And sometimes the answer hurts. Ignorance is indeed bliss.

  24. Transition:

    Strength : Reliable and independent.

    Weakness : My independence came from my inability to trust people. I also have a tendency to keep my distance with people.

    And oh, my pride. My overwhelming pride is probably a glaring weakness that I need to minimize.

  25. Bails:

    mine both are the fact that im loud and bubbly

  26. Jerry:

    Strength: I’m good at talking people through their problems, helping them figure out what is wrong and why and the best way for them to overcome. I’m a good motivator.
    Weakness: I thrive off of the approval of others, particularly the opposite sex. If I’m not getting near constant approval I get extremely depressed.

  27. Christy:

    Strength: I am such an awesome, trustworthy, fun friend

    Weakness: I am so shy no one bothers to befriend me

  28. Danielle:

    Strength – people can trust me and come to me with their problems.
    Weakness – I can’t trust anyone nor go to others with my problems…

  29. Amanda:

    Greatest Strength: I’m comfortable being myself.

    Greatest Weakness: I worry way too much.

  30. Emma:

    Strength: Being able to defend the ones I love

    Weakness: Not being able to defend myself

  31. A:

    I am loyal to a fault. (this has been described as both a weakness and a strength by people in my life)

  32. Macey:

    My greatest strength it that I am very caring.

    My greatest weekness is that I am very very vulnerable.

  33. Vio:

    strength: I am strong enough to recover/fight adversity
    weakness: all my emotions end up in tears

  34. Sasha:

    Strength- When I love somebody that love is unconditional. I am trusted and loved in return.
    Weakness- When I love somebody that love is unconditional. I get my heart broken.

  35. Nick:

    Strength: I can be creative and express myself. I can love unconditionally.
    Weakness: Too sensitive to criticism.

  36. Jo:

    Greatest strength: I stand up for myself and am not afraid to tfight for ym beiefes. I am perceptive and independant

    Greatest weakness: My sense of pride is horrible, i willl hurt myself just trying to prove myself, and i am not able to trust and tell anybody my feelings

  37. may:

    greatest strength: positive attitude
    greatest weakness:i am shy but i have to overcome it so that i can do what i need to do.

  38. HerTruth921:

    my God.
    my husband.

  39. brown:

    my strength : is that I love my family and friend that, I will do everything I can …I forgive people to forgive myself( I believe that , I get hurt by thing because I allow things to hurt me)

    my weakness: its my pride.. Admitting to my faults…its tough. and I always avoid getting hurt , but I hurt myself in the process.##am working on my ignorance and time management and am working on asking for help when the is a need##

  40. brown:

    I seen and experience on of my loved ones stealing from me and taking advantage of my weakness( ignorance behaivor) and changing my stuff. I have forgiven them, but obviously I can not forget…
    it still hurts cause, I haven’t confront the person cause I wanted her to come clean …perharps it hard to accept that the one I love and care for think so little of me…

  41. Kristine:


  42. chayan:

    my strength is me
    my weakness is study

  43. Red:

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  44. LordoftheRing:

    Strength-I’m extremely loyal to my friends & family & wont let anything happen to them

    Weakness-I fall for people easily, & when I do, I fall hard

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