Question 210

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  1. Kate:

    Yesterday. I called in sick to work – said I had the stomach flu. I even planted it in their heads a bit by mentioning the night before that I felt a little nauseous, and I’d been around a friend who had it. Truth was, I had reached the point where an extra day off was worth more than the minuscule wages they pay me. And it was.

  2. Chelsea:

    I lied in hopes to help someones feelings.

  3. m:

    Yesterday, my friend asked me how I was.
    I responded ‘I’m fine’.

    I’ve told that lie a thousand times…

  4. sudheer kumar:

    all the time with my dearest ones… telling that im fine with a smiling face:)

  5. Mark:

    I lied about an assignment for my class, I completely made up where i’m from and what my life was like before I moved to school.

  6. J:

    I lied about my heart breaking

  7. Chelsea Nicole:

    I lied when he asked if it hurt when he left me.

    I tell that lie everyday.

  8. Anonymous:

    I told her I was doing my homework, like the little genius she thinks I am, but I was really talking to my FRIENDS who UNDERSTAND me, more than she even will.

  9. Lacey:

    I tell so many white lies in a day I can’t even remeber anymore.

    It’s a problem

  10. Laura:

    3 hours ago:

    “Are you okay?”


  11. Lua:

    I lied yesterday when my friend asked me about my holiday and I said : “I traveled “

  12. Kelly:

    Today when I said i wanted to hangout with her

  13. L...:

    every time I talk to him. I don’t really believe him..and I’ll never forgive him for the things he has done to me.

  14. YSTDY.
    And I found the most upsetting lie is lyinig to my own self, trying to persuade *myself* into stupid excuses 😉

  15. Ael:

    I don’t remember. I lie too often.

  16. Anne:

    I told him that I didnt like him romantically, because I could tell he wasn’t interested.

  17. Erin:

    Two days ago, when my friend asked how I was doing and I said “Fine.”
    But honestly, she wasn’t talking to someone else when I answered. I don’t think she heard… or cared.

  18. Conor:

    I said something like; “I’m about to book the flight, are you sure you want me to come see you? Say yes now and I’m coming.”
    I’d already booked it 5 minutes ago.
    Let’s just say it was a relief she said “YESSS!”

  19. tanya:

    i said i was sorry when i really wasnt.

  20. St33n:

    Told my mom I was going to campus to watch Despicable Me at the theater we have with a friend of mine (who is a girl), which shows free movies every Saturday night. But I went to campus to pick up someone I’m confused about, Ernie. And we went to the store and goofed off, went downtown, and walked around. I lie all the time about where I’m going, but if I told my mom the truth she wouldn’t understand that I’m a good kid. I guess one of the cons about commuting to school is still dealing with my parents.

  21. M:

    “I’m doing well.”

    * I’m depressed on medication and it’s not getting any better. I might not graduate college. I don’t have anyone to help me.

  22. Anonymous:

    Today . She asked me if I was okay and I said no .

  23. Nick:

    I told my friends I asked my mom if I will be allowed to go out swimming with them and she said no.

  24. Jess:

    I lied my whole life by saying I didn’t love him.
    I told the truth at his funeral.

  25. Sky:

    Exactly 3 months ago.

    “Do you love me?”


  26. HerTruth921:

    I lie every day of my life. just so i can stay with the man i’m in love with.

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