Question 212

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  1. m:

    Invest it.

    In an education, a good camera, and all the means to create memories with friends along the way.

  2. Pocky:

    I always end up spending them with friends whenever we go out or just to give them treats (:
    I should be saving them up though..

  3. TeacupCandy:

    Create memories with it 🙂

    *and try save along the way…

  4. Bills.

  5. Chelsea Nicole:


  6. anthony:

    bills, food, gas, and entertainment. soon to be on my daughter.

  7. Ael:

    Saving it up so I can get out of here before it kills me.

  8. Tiva:

    Majority of it goes to food and bills, but mostly food.

  9. Andy:

    Spending it on school and bills 🙁

  10. Mishiek:

    Unfortunately most of it goes away uncontrolably.

  11. Bart:

    A great question !!

    Well, I’m not going to answer it directly but give advice to all of those people out there that have lived a shorter time on this planet than me (i’m 50) Most of us spend the majority of our money on the necessities of life i.e. living expenses food rent mortgage car, and last but not least the latest elctronic gadgets be it smart phones surround sound systems bla bla bla etc. The stuff you have to have.(or so we think) But do you have to have a bmw or do you need a way to get from a to b? Food Do you have to buy your food from the ‘expensive high quality food grocer’ or does the grocer down around the corner have pretty much the same stuff for a lot less? Coffee: let’s talk about coffee for a minute. How many of you have to have your special coffee in the morning on the way to work?

    OK I don’t want to sound holier than thou here because I haven’t done the best job at spending money in my life, but I have learned some lessons and what most of us do is spend money with out thinking about it. Why? Because spending money is an emotional thing we do to make us feel better. That isn’t how we should spend our money. We need to think about how we spend our money. That is what the question is about today. So, like all of these questions, give it some thought and do it with a purpose not just how you feel at the moment.

    Good Luck and God speed

  12. Laura:

    Save it.

    I want to go on a ton of adventures this summer <3

  13. Anne:

    save/spend it on my friends and I

  14. Jason:

    Bills, pets, my girlfriend and I. I don’t spend it irresponsibly, by buying expensive phones, t.v’s etc, but I’m starting to realise i need to start doing the things I want with it. I’m going to stop putting on my trip to Alaska. Thanks Thought Questions

  15. Lacey:

    buy food.

  16. Chet:

    Right now, pay off my student loan.

    Once I’m done that, it’ll change to investing. 🙂

  17. J.:

    candy 🙁

  18. nancy:

    i spend the majority of our money on food, bills, and my daughter.

  19. Engjoy the pleasure of sending them to my parents, who are always fond of using it more than I do 🙂

  20. Britty:

    Spend it on university or Save it for the next couple years of university 🙂

  21. Erin:

    For now, I’m donating it. Together my friends and I raised 200 dollars for an animal shelter. But when I’m older, that will probably change.

  22. oneanswer:

    spend it on friends and strangers. anything to see them smile, whether they dont have food or just a kind gesture to let them know they are appreciated.

  23. Conor:

    I spend it on holidays, recently that’s been on going to see people I care about who are far away.

  24. The nerdy nurse:

    Pay off debt, home improvement, feeding the family, ext

  25. rumi:

    barely survive, buying mainly the essentials

  26. Meleanor:


  27. ben:

    lol drugs

  28. melly:

    I’ve recently changed jobs – from a lucrative position that was killing me to a great position that is killing my bank account. I have three dollars to buy groceries, but I finally love my life.

  29. tanya:

    either buy plane tickets to visit him, or waste it on things that i THINK i need, but really dont.

  30. Anna:

    Spontaneous trips to places someone has recommended.

  31. St33n:

    Lately, food, new fish tank + fish, clothes, gas, and just random junk. :B

  32. BA:


  33. Amanda:

    Get books and teaching supplies. Also food, clothes, and music.

  34. L:

    outrageous college tuition and groceries…

  35. Jay:

    Saving up money or buying books and snacks.

  36. Macey:

    Saving it up. Or buying jewels or technical equipment.

  37. Erika:

    saving it up for something i really want.

  38. Unnur:

    Cigarettes, food, Coke (the drink), and I lend my friends money when they need it.

  39. Nick:

    Food. Clothes. Transportation.

  40. Johanna:

    Buy things, like food and shampoo. But also things like gifts for friends. I like to put a smile on a face for no reason other than to see another human happy.

  41. Laurel:

    Buy food.

  42. Phunk:

    Use it to make more money.

  43. HerTruth921:

    save it for my future with him.

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