Question 215

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64 Responses to “Question 215”

  1. Christy:

    Personal happiness

  2. Samantha:

    those who never gave up on me, even when i pushed them away and made myself difficult.

  3. pearl:

    My faith and God.

  4. Amanda:

    My family, my friends, love, and teaching

  5. L:


  6. Nicole:

    Being happy regardless of my family.

    A doctor!

  7. Jessica:

    Making myself better person. Making me a better life

  8. Vio:


  9. Jomz:

    Good opportunities.

  10. anon:


  11. Nick:

    Believing in God and being a Catholic.
    Living life.
    Changing my lifestyle for the better.
    Doing better things for others.

  12. pinkycarrot:

    music…possibilities…my body

  13. GCD:

    Trying to make her the happiest person in the world

  14. Jessica:

    I will never give up on my love for my unconcieved child/children. 😛

    I will never give up on the hope that everything will work out.

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