Question 217

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71 Responses to “Question 217”

  1. found the love of my life, he got arrested just at the time i fell in love the deepest…

  2. St33n:

    Growing up without numbers, but with new memories and a maturing mind.

  3. Candice:

    I have grown into myself, learnt who I am, travelled the world and now slowly learning to trust and learn again what it is to love. ~let go and enjoy the ride~

  4. Cassie:

    My attempt at life was nothing but a hot mess.

  5. Parksy:

    Happiness followed by uncertainty mixed with lots of new things followed by everything crashing down, rebuilding again too fast, watching as it starts to crumble again, trying to smoke it away and realizing that something’s gotta give, and to make more of a solid base structure next time around.

  6. Lynton Orrett:

    Confirmation that I need to move on and surround myself with honest, humble people.

  7. zai:


  8. Christy:

    Enjoy life now before things go downhill…

  9. Debbie:

    He broke up a year ago, she killed herself a year ago: through pain and suffering, I can still love, but I cannot give up. That’s what I learned.

  10. Amanda:

    The most chaotic, but exciting year yet.

  11. Mathilda:

    Parents fought, soulmate left, best friend lied, heart broke, critiscim told, confidence gone, mistakes done, smile kept.

  12. Katii:

    An explosion of happiness, belonging, depressionm and sepperation.

  13. Emma:

    A year of losing people, gaining them back, losing them again, and wonder how long before they’re gone forever.

  14. Macey:

    a mess.

  15. Ben:

    Finding peace through routine and hard work.

  16. Teresa:

    A roller coaster of good love and bad loss

  17. June:

    I don’t deserve this, not a chance.

  18. anon:

    Love of and for friends and family is worth fighting through the pain in life.

  19. Nick:

    A good mix of good and bad that made up my high school life unforgettable.

  20. legn:

    Lots of wait and expectations to be disappointed at the end.

  21. Lizzy:

    The most enlightening, life-changing, emotional boost of my life. (and it’s only half over)

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