Question 218

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  1. m:

    Fallen in love.

  2. Candice:

    I took that unknown road at the fork… more than once.

  3. Conor:

    Stuff when I’m drunk, e.g. “Right! Let’s get pizza.”
    Perhaps with my ex, I sometimes kissed her pretty randomly, but I’m not a very spontaneous person.

  4. hui:

    went out for food in the middle of the night.

  5. Ael:

    Decided to be myself, and to finally get some freedom.

  6. Fran:

    slam the door on a chance

  7. Tiffani:

    Chased a thunderstorm up a extinct volcano in a car, got hit by lightning…almost (really really close) 😀

  8. Christian:

    At noon, I convinced my girlfriend to go for a flying lesson. By 4:30, we were in the air.

  9. A Dreamer:

    To finally stand up to live, and live it; just the way I am.

  10. Brad:

    Took a train to another city to wait outside a concert venue in the hope of somehow finding a ticket to the sold-out gig.

  11. Raine:

    Let go.

  12. jarrett:

    took a car to the train station, to a train to the airport, to a plane to another timezone,to a truck to another city…and surprised her when i got there.

  13. Compromise with some of the very stubborn people who are also happened to be love of my life 😉

  14. Laura:

    Joining drama

  15. Lacey:

    I snuck out at watched people vandilize things.

  16. asked her what she would say if i asked her to marry me :]
    she said yes

  17. J.:

    randomly started dancing the hokey-pokey with a friend.

  18. Laura:

    I climbed onto a rooftop of an apartment building around midnight with a friend in an unknown city we happened to be in, while circling my home country by train.
    telling a friend about the feelings I have for him.

  19. Nicky:

    crowd surfed… it’s was amazing!

  20. PB:

    I wrote a letter to someone I work with, someone I have feelings for. I did not tell them that, I simply told them how great I think they are, and he told me he’d never had a letter written to him like that before. I wrote it, got in my car, drove to his house, and gave it to him. I live for that feeling I had.

  21. Lamiaa:

    dancing with my friends

  22. la009:

    decided he isnt worth my tears anymore.

  23. Annie:

    I think it would be trying out for the school play last year. I’m not very spontaneous. Maybe I should be more spontaneous.

  24. ben:

    started a band

  25. Erin:

    Talked to my crush and out of the blue mentioned that his hat was awesome.

  26. lisa:

    ate a bowl of cereal on the curb, just to see the morning sun

  27. Anne:

    the first time I went on the roof, I was listening to my ipod and the moon was so bright…without even thinking about it I opened my window and climbed out to lay on the roof and stare at the moon

  28. Jo:

    Driving out to my friends house late on a school night simply to give her a hug. Online hugs just don’t make the cut.

  29. Randi:

    Turned off my GPS, took a random exit, and got lost…on purpose

  30. Emma:

    sing in front of over 100 people at a concert
    without telling anyone i was going to

  31. tanya:

    lost my virginity to a guy i’d only met the day before because he was exotic and beautiful and the hawaiian moon was shining on us.

  32. Andrew:

    falling in love….

  33. Nickie:

    Kissed a girl, then dated her. she rocked my world for 2 months and has left me heartbroken for the past 2 yrs

  34. Rosie:

    Stood on a bridge feeding the ducks on a hot day, and jumped off into the river fully-clothed just because the water looked cool.

  35. Amanda:

    Decide that it was okay to start over

  36. Roxy:

    Book a plane ticket to Thailand 23 hours before my flight, so I could fulfill the goal I had set myself 5 days earlier: volunteer for a month during my summer vacation.

  37. Jay:

    Gave a pack of gum to a guy walking down the street. Wasn’t sure if he was a traveller or a hobo, but… I dunno I’m sure I’ve done really random stuff before but that moment just stands out for some reason.

  38. nocturnesthesia:

    When I was 17 I packed up and left without looking back. Best decision I’ve ever made

  39. glider2k8:

    I drove a half hour for my best friend to get her belly buton pierced. Aterwars, we decided to go on the internet, pick a random picture, and get matching tattoos of it. it’s been one of the reasons she still hasn’t killed herself.

  40. Nick:

    Joining my girl friends when they dance inside the classroom.

  41. sony:

    I said YES to my guy 🙂

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