Question 222

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  1. Nothing…:)

  2. Jay:

    Getting my diploma, learning to relax, formulate plans and actually relax.

  3. lisa:

    finding energy and enthusiasm, finding love and purpose – haha. the line between need and want is a very fine one.

  4. Anne:

    need: to be healthier and to learn
    want: to have friends and loves

  5. DI:

    i need : to love my life , to relax , you the one who till now didn’t come
    i want to take chances , to be courageous ,to know what i want , i want to speak out loud to be heard ,to be decisive
    i want and need many things …. 🙂

  6. Tiva:

    need: to exercise every day like I have been and continue eating right so that I can keep to loosing weight.

    want: besides sex, I want to pick up painting again. I have urges for both, but not at the same time, that could get messy. LOL!

  7. Spencer:

    I need to move away from this town and want to figure out what I’ll do when I get there.

  8. Candice:

    I need to find balance. I want to keep going forward with what I have started.

  9. Audrie:

    My need for finding a balance between school and life, I’m a little overwhelmed by school right now, my need to be organized, my need to motivate myself to do things, and my need to get onto a healthy exercise program.My desire to get into a romantic relationship

  10. Emma:

    need: let my sisters know how much they all mean to me
    want: get into university of washington and see my sister get in parsons

  11. Need? I need to go to college.
    Want? I want to meet the right people and find my better half.

  12. Lacey:

    I want to maintain my 4.0 gpa
    I need to make sure I’m healthy.

  13. Tj:

    I need to balance my friends university boyfriend and family.
    i want to make my dad proud that he managed to raise me right, perhaps before its too late.

  14. tanya:

    need: to find inner peace
    want: move to london

  15. Marie:

    I need to trust again.

    I want to stop looking for a person to love.

  16. Anika:

    Want: To be with him.
    Need: Stop the depression :l

  17. I ‘need’ to have this talk with James
    I ‘want’ to be ok with him again


    He ‘needs’ to hear how he made me feel, he’s not going to ‘want’ to hear it.

  18. Janie:

    Need: To find a way to pay for next semester
    Want: To redo some past mistakes

  19. Ael:

    Need: To find a balance and let him go.
    Want: To keep him.

  20. St33n:

    I want to love my life
    I need health

  21. Need: Find order in my everyday life. How: Create a schedule and follow it. Everyday.
    Want: Find happiness and pride in who I am. How: ???????

  22. Sarah:

    Need: to have my family help me more.
    Want: to have friends that really mean it when they say “You’re an amazing friend.”

  23. Michelle:

    Need: To talk less and listen more.
    Want: To find somebody to love.

  24. Greg:

    Need: a girlfriend
    Want: her…

  25. Lynton Orrett:

    Peace of mind and a rowing machine

  26. Amanda:

    Need: To finish college, get my degree, and get into a good grad program.

    Want: To take a trip to Las Vegas with my boyfriend.

  27. Emma-Leigh:

    Need: To figure out what I’ll do after high school

    Want: To apologize

  28. Yay:

    Need: to learn how to LIVE
    Want: to learn how to play the guitar ^w^

  29. A:

    Need: To have my diploma hanging on my wall for 11 months.

    Want: To have a job.

  30. Kristin:

    I want to run a half marathon, and I need to stop eating fast food!

  31. Nick:

    I need to ace my first year in college.
    I want to get rid of my belly fat.

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