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  1. ben:


  2. m:


    And, to learn that parents are normal people, too…

    It’s life-changing to see a marriage break apart, to see parents break down and cry…

  3. Emma:

    you true best friends are the ones who wont leave
    no matter how hard you try to push them away

    i love them so much more despite the mistakes i made

  4. Everything about love… 🙂

  5. Transition:

    That beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

  6. That true friendship is incalculably more desirable than money, that family is impossible to live without, and that love isn’t a battlefield unless you make it one. Love is not just difficult to find, it’s hard to hold on to.

  7. A Dreamer:

    That even when you’re desperately trying to hold on to something, sometimes it’s just best to let it go.

  8. Megan:

    The world isn’t a fair place

  9. Johnathan:

    That living with your heart on your sleeve is a sure way to get hurt. But there is truly no other way to live than to give love to those around you with your full heart and passion.

  10. smileylich:

    experiences are more important than possessions or money

  11. Lacey:


  12. Pamplemousse:

    Appearance matters.

  13. Barb:

    Money, finances and credit.

  14. Laura:

    No matter how close you may be to them, people still leave.

  15. Chelsea:


  16. JJ:

    sometimes when you lose something you wanted more then anything it will turn out better then you would have ever have dreamt and will be happier then you thought you could be with what you originally wanted.

  17. Erin:

    That death happens and sometimes you can’t do anything about it – my grandfather died of cancer when I was seven.

  18. Tiva:

    Sometimes 2 people get married and after a while they don’t want to be married anymore and they fight.
    Sometimes the one you love the most doesn’t love their life very much and they decide to take their own life. You never get over losing them.
    Always it is vitally important to choose friendship over sex. Oftentimes if you choose sex over friendship, your friends won’t ever forgive you for doing so.
    Sometimes you were born with family members that you don’t like or trust at all. Just because they are blood, doesn’t mean they are nice people to hang around with.
    Sometimes the people you hang around with and even love are not necessarily good for you in the long run. It’s best to trust yourself and all you were taught about life, rather than to trust someone who will steer you wrong.
    Sometimes cancer happens, even to you. But sometimes love is stronger!
    Sometimes wishing the same wish on every star since you were younger actually will finally come true, and sometimes you don’t recognize it is coming true right away.

  19. Chelsea Nicole:

    When it’s their time. It’s their time.

  20. Ye:

    You never know what you’ve got, until it’s gone.

  21. Jay:

    Life is understood backwards, but lived forward. and love is most important.

  22. Anne:

    that he’s not interested.

  23. L:

    Falling in love with someone you didn’t expect to fall in love with.

  24. First off, you never know what you have until it’s gone. Learn to respect your friends, yourself, your family, your significant other, and your personal items.

    2nd, be happy with yourself. Doing the “woe is me” thing can get quite obnoxious–telling from experience. My significant other is still with me, but I’ve seen him go to his farthest limit when it comes to patience with me, because i went through that phase. You have things and reasons to be happy for.

  25. Anika:

    Never take things for granted. Cherish your friends while you have them. They may just decide to leave one day.

  26. Not Telling:

    How to fail a test.

  27. Loads- I never learn until i get caught.

    Drink Driving
    Drinking at work
    (those first two make me sound bad, may i state for the record i am not an alcoholic)
    Men are all the same.

  28. You can endure it, or you can LIVE it:

    That high school is temporary. That LIFE is temporary.

  29. Allie:

    The people you love will someday be gone, and they will be gone before you know it. You can never get enough time with them.

  30. Fran:

    aging out

  31. Evan:

    That in the blink of an eye, you can get so close to someone that with them you feel invincible. You feel amazing. You feel like you’re on top of the world. They make you feel like you can accomplish anything with them by your side. You feel like you never have to go through anything alone again. That someone is your bestfriend.

    Friendship doesn’t last though…

  32. Mel:

    That being healthy is a gift and being able to walk is a precious gift. Paralysis, or even the threat of paralysis, forces you to learn everything you never wanted to know about how life is unfair.

  33. Raven:

    To not always worry about the future and that things will just work themselves out a lot of the time if you just let life happen.

  34. Sara:

    How to fall in love. And how just because you love eachother, doesnt mean it’s right.

  35. Parksy:

    all of them. love, sex, depression, drugs, fear… there’s nothing that can be fully understood without experiencing it.

  36. Lynton Orrett:

    I was forced to learn so many of lifes lessons at an early age that I was never aware of learning them;ey just became a part of me.

  37. Lulu:

    It is better to have one best friend than 10 just for hanging out friends.

  38. Amanda:

    That life doesn’t last forever, and can be taken from you at any second. Also, that change is inevitable, and sometimes can be for the better.

  39. V:

    Just because he got down on one knee, put a ring on my finger, and promised to cherish me forever doesn’t mean much. He can take it all back, cheat, and do awful things. An engagement ring means nothing.

  40. A:

    I can survive even my worst fears.

  41. Kat:

    That no one should ever have to be afraid of the one they love, and no matter what leaving will always be the right decision, though never easy. That it’s not your fault. That no one should have to deal with cheating and the kind of hurt and disrespect that comes with it.

  42. DSL:

    What it’s like to lose someone you love.
    What love is like.
    That life is not fair.
    That people can disappear from your life at any moment of time.

  43. June:

    Life isn’t fair and the saying that goes “You don’t realize how much you love someone until they’re gone.”

  44. Nick:

    Change is not done overnight and so is breaking bad habits.

  45. Phunk:

    Hard work reaps success!!

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