Question 224

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  1. Banana:

    i love it πŸ™‚

    this is my home. where my roots will always be, no matter where i fly <3

  2. Erin:

    Mostly I like it. It’s a small town with a close community and trustworthy people.

  3. m:

    I live in one of the best cities in the world.
    I’m surrounded by some of the best people in the world.

    But I hate where I live.
    Because it’s home to the person I hate the most: me.

  4. Absolutely love it^^

    Because I can either choose like it or not and while I am already living in it so why don’t I choose the first option πŸ˜‰
    Plus IT IS an amazing city πŸ™‚

  5. Tara:

    no. It’s hard to be a stranger in a small town, but I have a wonderful boyfriend and we have made a beautiful home and we continue to make the best of the situation we’re in now. It won’t always be this way.

  6. anonymous:

    I love it. My small town has a part of everyone’s soul who lives in it, and knowing that a part of my soul is flying somewhere here, gives me hope πŸ™‚ (yes i had to do the clichΓ©..)

  7. Mea:

    Well, here’s all my friends and I’m afraid what will happen to my relationships if I ever move to another city or town – though I don’t see myself living here for rest of my life, I’ll be gone in five years I assume.

  8. Tiva:

    In the wintertime, I love the city I live in. I have made many friends.
    During the summer months, I do not like this city. It’s miserable to be so hot all the time.

  9. Thomas:

    This city is unreal to explore. So many places to visit, so many beautiful views. It’s just a shame that the people who built the infrastructure were so incompetent, and the council cannot take initiative to get anything done.

  10. Jay:

    My City Is The Greatest In The World!

  11. Ye:

    It is a simply fantastic city. One of the top 5 in the world.
    But I don’t like it here, because it isn’t home.

  12. Ammyy:


    becasue its home..

  13. A:

    I love it because it is home but in the long run I think I have out grown it and need some place new.

  14. Anne:

    yes, because it is the perfect mix of beautiful nature and city life. Also all my friends and family live here ^_^

  15. Chelsea Nicole:

    I hate it.

    It’s not where i’m meant to be.

  16. Corey:

    No. Dear god, no. I hate this city. Absolutely hate it.
    Everywhere I go, I don’t want to go home. Every time I leave this dreadful city, I feel new and refreshed and like wherever I am is where I’m meant to be. In other places, I’m able to get up in the morning, feeling rested and relaxed, instead of panicked from the moment I wake up. I should not have to wake up scared. That’s not okay.

  17. Anika:

    I hate this city honestly. Nothing interesting, & absolutely nothing worthwhile. The ppl are a bore, & sorry to say, uneducated. I want to move back home where I belong but I feel things have changed and have I. This wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been brought here against my own will.

  18. Namunyak:

    i think it’s one of those most interesting and magical cities in the world. i have so much affection for this place. it will always hold a huge place in my heart!

  19. Lacey:

    It’s small, it’s unknown, it’s country.

    I love it. Everyone isn’t trying to impress each other, they’re just being real.

  20. I like it. I complain about it: There’s not enough public transport, they’re building flats EVERYWHERE, etc etc. But it’s where i grew up, bad and good times there. I love it.

  21. Or perhaps environment:

    No. I need to get out. At all costs. Or maybe that’s my own mind.. I can’t run from that.

  22. gita:

    Bah this one got me… I actually don’t notice my town because I’m used to it. (: It’s like.. natural. People speak my language, places are familiar…
    I sometimes long for other – faraway – places where I’ve felt like home. Here I feel like, though I live here, my spirit is elsewhere. Looking to expand beyond! Probably time to follow my spirit! (:

  23. Kelly:

    I’m from ohio but go to school in kentucky. i love it here so much; i have formed such a family through college and church. there’s so many more opportunities here than in my hometown; i actually want to stay here for a while after i graduate πŸ™‚

  24. St33n:

    I have lived in my hometown all my life and I have always loved it. This is where my family is, my close friends who are my other family. I’m Filipino, so this is where my ‘Filipino group’ is. I would feel so lonely, but I do often yearn to have the experience to live elsewhere. I love this town, it is one of the top cities to raise a family, one of the smartest cities, downtown is awesome, so many places to go here, and so many things to do. I don’t see myself living here for forever, but I know if/when I do leave for a while, I can and will always come back here πŸ™‚

  25. Andrew:

    Reminds of the story about the traveller meeting 2 people coming out of the same town.. one hated it, the other loved it…
    I choose to love where ever I live, because I am responsible for how I react to everything in my life, and how I live and my happiness… why choose to be miserable…
    I may not be able to control what life throws at me, but I am responsible for how I react…

  26. Lynton Orrett:

    What’s not to love, I live in London.

  27. Christy:

    I absolutely hate it because this town tore me away from my closest friends

  28. Lulu:

    I love my city. I just wish I would be less of a wimp and go out when it’s dark.

  29. Amanda:

    When I first saw this question, I thought no way because it seems boring sometimes. But as I think about it, I love where I live. I have my friends, my boyfriend, and my family all close by. I have my favorite places to go. I’m planning to relocate in a few years for better job opportunities for the career I’m going into, and as much as I complain about where I live, I’m going to miss it when I leave.

  30. Emma:

    Absolutely not, because nobody in my blood family has ever been daring enough to move out of it.

  31. nocturnesthesia:

    It’s a big city, but the amount of pollution, poverty, and violent crime drives the living cost way down. I love it though, simply because it’s so easy to just fade into the background and be invisible

  32. A:

    I love it because this is where my family lives. It is familiar. It feels safe.

    I would like to move away, however, and see the world for a bit. But, then, I’d like to end up settling down here again near to my family.

  33. rosie:

    i live in New York City (though i go to school outside Little Rock, Arkansas).

    i love new york. i don’t know how i’d be able to really live anywhere else; everyone always dreams of living in new york, and when i’m feeling bad, i just remember that i was born and raised in the capital of the world– where everyone wishes they were– and that i’ll always be a New Yorker. though i do think i’d like to try living in other places, i feel as though i’ll end up in nyc. there are little things that tourists and some transplants don’t notice, like new york solidarity and hospitality. it exists, believe me. after 9/11, everyone was bonding with each other– life went on, but there was a warm, more loving feeling in the air.

    this city is my home. always has been, always will be. i love it.

  34. jc:


  35. Nick:

    Though it costs a lot travelling to places from ours, I still love where I live. It’s peaceful and you can get along with the people.

  36. Maia:

    I love where I live! It’s only a small village, but it’s probably one of the most culturally diverse places in the world, and has everything that I dreamed would be in paradise. I only get to stay here for two years…and when I leave, I know that my heart will break just as much as if I were losing a lover.

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