Question 226

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  1. Lacey:


    car ride home.

  2. Chelsea:

    The fact that I am finally being myself. Several moments are different then the past few months!!!

  3. m:

    The day she emailed me back.

  4. Pocky:

    When she was still with me.

  5. Inka:

    our first time.

  6. Conor:

    I had to make a choice which girl to be with. The stand out moment was when I realised I was in love with the other one so much more. I’ve taken steps to correct this situation now 🙂

  7. Taj:

    When he tucked the flowers back into my braid. Laughing with everyone around me. The epicness of riding my bike past the marching band at an intense moment in the music.

  8. Lena:

    Standing in a garden in the middle of the night, with my friend playing a fiddle and another friend playing guitar.

  9. jack:

    When I realized who I was actually falling for. It was a clear moment.

  10. Kathryn:

    The moment he told me he was joining the military. The only thing I could think was, “Oh god don’t let this happen again” as everything inside me ripped apart.

  11. Chelsea Nicole:

    My Birthday.

  12. Heather:

    When he told me that if things were different, he would make me his girlfriend in a heart beat. I know it can’t happen, but the fact that he wants it as much as I do means a lot.

  13. Anne:

    probably MC HL.

  14. Tiva:

    Definately my birthday. I felt so loved and appreciated from so many people online. I didn’t broadcast it to the people I am around everyday, but one site told everyone. Just to have so many people take 2 seconds to post a bday wish for me, really made me feel so appreciated and incredibly awesome! Made me think how little time it takes to compliment someone and how much of a difference it actually makes in someone’s else’s day… why can’t we all do that all the time?

    It would have been an even better day if I would have gotten to see him, or talk to him, though.

  15. Karly:

    the moment i felt accepted today when a new friend poked me…a simple gesture that means we are not afraid to be ourselves around each other

  16. Erin:

    When the boy I like and I were washing dishes in FACS class (basically a cooking class) and he started singing randomly
    “Scrub a dub dub scrub, we’re washing dishes…”
    It was hilarious and adorable XD

  17. Aimee:

    Going Home <3

  18. Sitting on a plane, darkest night surrounding me, headphones strapped tight across my head. I can see the lights of an unknown city encircling me from below, and I’m listening to “Night Diving” by Thrice… I cried at how beautiful the moment was.

  19. LT:

    Laying in my best male friends arms watching Disney movies and acting like 5 year olds.

  20. Papish:

    My daily visits to my aunty crisy she made me happy she provoked in me a thought process that will change the nation and bless the children!!! i am true to me and even though her visits are no more because i was considered as someone who traumatised individuals with my words but i only speak the truth and when required i lie but yet still the future is in my eye!! so each day of the past month has been a moment to be remembered because i am immortal i am dead or alive thus eternal!!!!

  21. Linde:

    First date with my husband.

  22. DI:

    my birthday , having such a good friends , i was so happy but my happiness doesn’t last 🙁

  23. Parksy:

    getting drunk dialed from my girlfriend’s phone at two in the morning, having guys ask if they can fuck her. getting ripped off buying weed. going to a gorillaz concert.

  24. Lynton Orrett:

    The realisation that those trying to hurt me could never succeed and on their journey were damaging themselves.

  25. zai:

    When I was cheering him up, he wrote me that he would like to see me sad one day, so he could cheer me up

  26. Cassiee:

    Watching the sunset on that beautiful night, staring at the stars and dancing in the moonlight to the neighbor’s 50’s music. Kissing him in that moment and feeling like the most important person in his life. Pulling him back into the house and making that kiss last all night…

  27. Jayne:

    When I told my best friend that I was depressed, and she told me she loves me and is here. Since that moment, I have been better in thought, but not in actions. Jessica A.S. you told me exactly what I needed to hear to help me through this. I love you, best friends forever & always! 🙂

  28. Amanda:

    Doing well on lessons I taught while student teaching. Sometime I second guess myself, and I got a huge confidence boost this month.

  29. Emma:

    Going to competition with the letter that ended my oldest friendship in my pocket.

  30. A:

    Spending the last day like the first with my best friend. My family supporting me. Me fighting as hard as I could. The support of true friends.

  31. Nick:

    High school graduation.

  32. hexmage:

    The day that I spent just being with my girlfriend. Didn’t do anything, just enjoyed each others company.

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