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  1. Anonyous:

    I procrastinate 🙁

  2. m:

    To Anon above: I do that, too! (And, thanks for the laugh. I really needed one today.)

    I suppose, as the cliche goes: Laughter is the best medicine.

    Although, long hot showers are also a good way to cool down…

  3. Janie:

    I go for a run. Things look a little bit better if I’ve run off part of my stress.

  4. Chelsea Nicole:

    I used to be a severe cutter and alcoholic.
    Now I run with music, there is nothing like the feeling that no one can cacth you.

  5. Nic:

    Running relieves a lot of stress, and going for a bike ride works too.
    I usually read, or play PC games… takes my mind to anywhere else.

  6. Weston:

    I make chainmaille armor and jewelry. Also I take photographs.

  7. Lua:

    Praying , fresh air and watching a nice movie

  8. Kay:

    write anything, poetry, stories, or just thoughts just to get something out of me.

  9. Barb:

    Paint! I paint and create and make some form of art…losing myself in that creating process takes me to another place and the stress melts away.

  10. Micki:

    This picture discribes it pretty well ^^

  11. Namunyak:

    run. bike. watch barges pass by on the river. watch the sunset.

  12. Laura:

    I have a hammock in my room, so I usually swing in my hammock while listening to music and watching my fish in my fishtank

  13. Do anything that can prevent me from over thingking but live in the moment instead, like showering, breathing, listening music, singing, dancing, walking, swimming, having sauna, talking with friends, watching movies etc. 🙂

  14. Lay down, smoke a big bowl of hookah with a friend, turn the music way up, dance like nobody’s watching, and tell myself dirty jokes until I can feel my chest about to burst.

  15. Jay:

    Walk,Read, music, food, talking to him.

  16. Have a good chat, and an even better drink.

  17. Tiva:

    Walk on my treadmill… talk to friends… listen to music… breathe deeply… praying always works for me, too.

  18. Annie:

    I crank the music and dance like an idiot. Or I take a long shower. Or I pray.

  19. Annie:

    Also, playing with children takes stress off me. My cousin has two adorable little kids. I love playing with them when I’m stressed. I love children. I volunteer with children every week at my church. The carefree attitude I get when I play with kids is amazing.

  20. Lacey:

    I don’t.
    I’m a stress case.

  21. Chelsea:

    I put an ice mask on my face and lotion on my feet at night!

    If I can I work out.

    I put Spanish Guitar Music on!

  22. St33n:

    I do whatever takes my mind somewhere else, more like keeping myself busy :B
    I play piano, ukulele, draw (while listening to music). Listening to music itself by myself is a pretty bad way for dealing with stress for me, because it will induce me into some sort of more sadness most of the time D: I go window shopping, start little projects (I make a lot of stop-motion videos), pick up a new skill (like glowsticking or contact juggling). Lately, I’ve been really into just improving ‘my being’. RANT 😀

  23. Anne:

    read stories/watch movies…get lost into another person’s problems so that mine dont seem so bad

  24. h:

    I cry.

  25. Anika:

    I cry, listen to music, or take hot showers while listening to music. The feeling is amazing.

  26. Linde:

    grab the garder fork and shovel. Getting into my art. Long walk in forest or on the beach. Listening to favourite music.

  27. Anon:

    I usually just have a really slow and sensual w@nk. It’s really good for stress relief. Afterwards you just feels so goooood with all the feel-good hormones flowing thru-out your body. For me – nothing beats spanking the monkey!

  28. DI:

    Singing , running want to but don’t that much , dancing

  29. Garrett:

    I have a stomach condition which is amplified by stress so much…Normally I beat the shit out of my bass. I just zone out when I’m playing it!

  30. Parksy:

    I scream, i do drugs and i fuck. i need to get a better outlet.

  31. Lynton Orrett:

    Listen to music, make myself smile, take a good look around me and find at least one positive thing.

  32. Garrett:

    listen to music, play video games, surf the web.

  33. A:

    Blast music and write for hours on end

  34. A:

    Oh, and thank God for the creator of earphones. During stressed times they seem like the best invention ever-so capable of blocking out the rest of the world and your problems until you can think clearly enough to deal with them.

  35. Amanda:

    Listen to music. Music is the best stress reliever. There are certain songs that just make my problems go away for a little while.

  36. Simultaneous:

    Indulge in my nicotine addiction and go for a walk.

  37. Nicole:

    I hope this link helps people laugh, be happy, relieve stress, and realize how lucky you are… It does for me…

  38. Macey:

    i cry. i run. i listen to very loud music. dance like crazy.

  39. A:

    Read or completely jam out to very loud music complete with a hairbrush microphone!

  40. gloria:

    I use music and i read to distract myself from the present ….
    if im really stressed i visit my friend mary jane =)

  41. Sasha:

    I play the piano, and immerse myself in the beautiful world of music that I can create.

  42. Sarah:

    Swim laps or run until I’m numb, take a hot shower while listening to Kelly Clarkson, Nest, Bake, Drive, cuddle with my cat and dog.

  43. Nick:

    Listen to music. Chat with people. Sleep.

  44. Lizzy:

    Read and write stories. Or I climb in my car, drive into my field and park it where I sing along with my ipod where no one can hear me.

  45. Alicia Marie:

    hang out outside with my daughter, go for a walk, take a nap, take a bubblebath, read, eat ben and jerry’s.

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