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  1. Jay:

    Playing in the bathtub as a baby,
    Going To the Bahamas,
    Seeing all of my friends display their talents,
    Going to times square for my birthday,
    Walking down the street and talking with loved ones.

  2. Jay:

    First and second!

  3. Chelsea Nicole:

    Happiest: The Day he asked me to marry him.

    Saddest: The Day he walked out.

  4. Justin:

    First: When I was with her

    Second: When the friends I had walked out in my life or when I walked out of theirs

  5. MM:

    Happiest moment : When I heard I got the job at RMB
    Saddest moment: When I realized I was mollested as a child

  6. Devin:

    Happiest memory: The first time I saw my niece in person

    Saddest memory: Seeing the family’s dog Dougan be buried after he’d been put down.

  7. Kenan:

    Happiest and the saddest memory: Her.

  8. Aimee:

    Happiest: Going back home for the first time.
    Saddest: dog died..

  9. Tiva:

    Happiest: When I finally realized he and I were meant to be together, that we were soulmates. That no matter how tough things got, he would always be there to help me through things, and vice versa.
    That he would never give up on me. 🙂

    Saddest: The day I finally realized that my dad was really dead. When it finally sunk in, I just cried and cried. He’d never be there to walk me down the isle, to see my grandkids, no more late night talks that lasted for hours. 🙁

  10. Jo:

    The day my daughter was born.

  11. Jo:

    The day my brother died.

  12. Lacey:

    happy: My dad running onto the field picking me up and spinning in circles after I scored a goal in a soccer game.

    sad: The moment when the police told my mom what had happened to my dad.

  13. Fran:

    happiest: when we saw that movie
    saddest: aging out of eq last year

  14. Ansrew:

    Happiest memory: Going to the circus with my mom and eating french-fries afterward.(Many of my childhood memories are happy ones)
    Saddest memory: Waking up after a car crash and realizing that both of my parents weren’t moving for a few minutes i feared the worst, my mom came to, she was ok, but my step-dad spent a month in the hospital in critical condition, my mom cried a lot.

  15. said:

    my saddest memory in 3 years of highschool when my dad was dead because of cancer illness
    my happiest memory when he was in life ^^

  16. It blends together doesnt it?:

    Happiest: can’t recall. Laughing with my parents and goofing off with them.
    Saddest: knowing when the memories are faked. underlying sadness exists in all of them

  17. Anne:

    Happiest: the beginning of every relationship I’ve ever been in
    Saddest: the end

  18. Karly:

    Saddest: The day I realized he would never love me as I love him.
    Happiest: How could I choose? I have had so many…

  19. Anika:

    Happiest: Every moment spent with him.
    Saddest: Years of ongoing abuse.

  20. Linde:

    When i made piece with my mother.
    sad the day my father died

  21. Brittany:

    Happiest: I have no idea…
    Saddest: My first love died

  22. SJB:

    Happiest: Cooking with my grandma in our perfect old victorian
    Saddest: The day I realized what death was, and the day we lost the house.

  23. Sandy:

    My happiest memory (memories) was when I was a kid and everything was carefree. My mom was still there, I loved living in the east, watching the seasons change, playing, watching cartoons, I felt safe. My saddest was when my mom passed away a few years ago.

  24. Ael:

    Happiest: The first time I met him.
    Saddest: When I realized I had to let him go.

  25. Sarah:

    Happiest: Being hugged by friends who truly love you.
    Saddest: When I found out that my grandfather has leukemia.

  26. The day I held my daughter who died during birth. =(

  27. sarah:

    saddest: All of the nights I went to bed alone, not sure if my life was significant enough to keep going
    happiest: they day I walked into the doors of Elevate Life Church and learned what Family of Choice was

  28. BA:

    Happiest: Laying on the roof with him in our underwear in the middle of the night and he said, “I like being next to you.”

    Saddest: My parents’ divorce, because my dad was convicted as a sex offender.

  29. Christy:

    Going to an amusement park for the very first time.

    Realizing I am the untalented one out of my group of friends.

  30. bebb:

    i would like to stop positive discrimination

  31. Garrett:

    Happiest: the day I thought she was the one.

    Saddest: the day I first harmed myself intentionally.

  32. Amanda:

    Happiest: Getting together every Christmas Eve with my family as a child. We still get together, but it was so much fun when I was little.

    Saddest: My great grandmother passing away.

  33. Emma:

    Happiest: Sitting at my guitar concert with my family.

    Saddest: Sitting at my guitar concert with my family.

    It was the last concert they were able to go to and support me at.

  34. skyetay:

    happiest: All the times I spent with you, as few as they were
    saddest: When I realized I really am a horrible person

  35. Nick:

    So far,
    HAPPIEST: When I got to commute by myself and go to the mall
    SADDEST: High school graduation

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