Question 233

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81 Responses to “Question 233”

  1. S Club:

    A divorce from my abusive ex, so I can truly be with the most amazing person I’ve ever encountered in my life.

  2. A *healthy* baby!

  3. Lynz:

    To beside the one I miss and love right now <3

  4. Parksy:

    A little uniformity, a little consistency, a little confidence, a little strength, a little love, a joint and a little tranquility.

  5. Gloria:

    A random stranger to call me pretty.

    It’d be a nice feeling, I’ve never experienced that befor.e

  6. zai:

    to be happy

  7. Christy:

    Money and fame

  8. bapsi:

    to hold her in my arms, and never have to let go. to have our relationship back to where it was before this past friday night. just to have her be happy and at peace with her life.

  9. Garrett:

    some way to feel happy, confident, and strong like I once did.

  10. Lulu:

    For my father’s surgery to be over and for him to make a full recovery

  11. Me:

    To know that I’ll make it into the Marines. I don’t even have to know if I’ll survive through basic or Iraq or Afghanistan or wherever I end up going. I just want to know that they’ll take me.

  12. P:

    Him to let me go…to understand that what im doing is for him as much as me and soon he will see that.

  13. L:

    to be myself again

  14. Simultaneous:

    I want to take back all the pain I’ve caused.

  15. Amanda:

    To be truly happy

  16. Katii:

    For it to get better.

  17. C:

    to be with the boy i made love with last night.
    feeling like nothing else mattered but the moments of being with him.

  18. Emma:

    To be at the same school as my sisters, not fighting anymore.

  19. V:

    To have this gaping hole in my chest somehow healed. And to believe that one day I’ll understand why I’ve been put through all of this.

  20. Macey:

    I want to be with him.

    I want to be happy.

  21. dani:

    her loving me. someone here with me.

  22. Teresa:

    For my love to be here, I feel like junior year is sucking the life out of our relationaship and I just want to enjoy the year and a half I have left with him

  23. Kate:

    To know that I will be alright.

  24. Gracie-Lou:


    to know that even if it will hurt, the pain will go, and that they’ll be okay.

  25. Jade:

    Him, any of the hims, or all of the hims.

  26. Nick:

    Satisfaction from the things I sacrificed.

  27. Daniel:

    To be honest? A girl that I genuinely love and care for telling me to get off the computer and go to bed.

  28. noanme:

    to feel happy (difficult)

    have a dog

  29. panini:

    i want him to be here next to me

  30. Elizabeth:

    To know that someone else is thinking of me as much as I may be of them.

  31. hexmage:

    To know the answer.

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