Question 9

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31 Responses to “Question 9”

  1. Meagan:


  2. I would be more open and free to say what I think.

  3. annie:

    i wouldnt be afraid to do the crazy things i dream about and just be me.

  4. bobby:

    Pretty much nothing would differ. I am not really sure that i ever pay attention to criticism.

  5. Laura:

    I would stop being so shy, and instead let out all that I’ve kept inside for so long.

  6. Iona:

    I would walk around reading books all day.

  7. Reggi:

    Im pretty wild as I am, but I’d sing to my hearts content.

  8. Jason:

    I’d take more risks with people i just met.

  9. freestylewalker:

    I would :
    show and say exactly how I feel
    wear what I want
    feel pretty
    love completely, and not care who sees
    experience every emotion fully

  10. Karrie:

    Accept myself more (flab and all)
    Sing all the time
    Read books in odd places, like the sidewalk of a main road
    Wear weird combinations of clothes that aren’t neccesarily flattering or stylish, just because they’re comfortable
    Eat delicious things all day long without worrying about calories and fat content

  11. probably tell the people i like that i like them.

  12. Danielle:

    I would sing, all of the time.
    I would wear wacky clothes
    I would act as if life was a musical and break into song randomly

  13. Kacie:

    I would sing. Because I love to sing, though I’m terrified to perform because I think people would judge me.
    Wear comfortable clothes outside of my house.
    Kiss him all the time in public.
    Dance in public.
    Have a ninja-pirate battle in a shopping center.
    Skip everywhere with my best friends.
    Be a complete fool.
    Because I wouldn’t have to care anymore.

  14. April:

    I would be with him and not let what anybody else thinks matters. Our families would have to deal. Haha

  15. addy:

    I would be a much more outgoing person. I would sing and dance. I would do funky things with my hair. I would wear shirts that show my upper arms that I am too embarrassed to wear now. I would go swimming with friends in the summer because I wouldn’t care what I looked like in a bathing suit. I could be free.

  16. Again:

    I would speak up. Stand out. Stand up for what I want to and what I need to.

  17. Aimee:

    I don’t think it’s possible for people not to judge, even if they try not to. Therefore nothing would change. Knowing I wasn’t going to be judged, I’d still know they’d have thoughts. I wish I could ignore judgements more..

  18. Lauren:

    Nothing. I live for myself. Most people would say that I’m extremely conservative and care way too much what other people think, but I am conservative because that’s what makes ME comfortable, even if no one is watching.

  19. Ris:

    I would write and record the song I’ve been singing in my head for months, knowing that nobody will view me different when I explain the reason I wrote it.

  20. Andrea:

    I would probably try to do my best in everything all the time.

  21. Diva:

    I would dress differently. As if I always had a party or some important event to attend. XD

  22. RubenRybnick:

    nothing because peoples opinions so not control my decisions

  23. Nick:

    Wear fashion styles that would be considered weird or dorky.
    Sing at the top of my lungs.
    Dance crazy.

  24. Rebecca:

    I would re-dye my hair a vibrant orange-red like Hayley Williams and dress in more expressive and fun clothing.

  25. Alice:

    i would live the moment.

  26. kiki:

    I would voice my opinions openly instead of hiding them from those who would judge me now.

  27. Michael Hitchcock:

    I’m working on living like that, but basically, I would be stronger.

  28. Rachael:

    I would do everything… I don’t want to be judged so I never really step out of my box often… So if I was never judged, I would do whatever the eff I wanted and with a smile as well.

  29. Rowena:


    Sing in public. Dance whenever. Express my feelings. Anything that I could think of.

  30. chichay:

    say everything i want the way i feel about things and just express myself

  31. Heidi:

    Stop trying to be so damn perfect and agreeable

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