Question 234

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22 Responses to “Question 234”

  1. I am trying to write my life with my whole heart 🙂
    Live in the moment with a conscious mind everyday is how I am embracing my lovely little life 😉

  2. Johnathan:

    His name is Wade, and unfortunately I believe that story is already written.
    Maybe its time for a new one to begin.

  3. Justin:

    By the choices I made.

  4. Myself:

    I am.

  5. craig:

    At the moment, I am allowing others to write mine for me

  6. I am waiting for nothing, and I am writing my story one moment at a time.

  7. Chelsea Nicole:

    I live like I’m dying. Writing my story with each breath.

  8. maria:

    this what drives me crazy…!!i don’t know what am i waiting for?

  9. Fran:

    i have no freaking idea

  10. Tiva:

    I don’t really like the question… but I do write my story in my journal every night. I feel it’ll be important to someone someday after I am gone. I do not regret writing in my journal at all.
    Plus, who says I’m waiting for anything?

  11. dessa:

    a cure

  12. Aimee:

    Nothing. I’m writing my life the best way I know how.. living my way.. setting up my future.

  13. Virginia Drake:

    With every line in my face.

  14. Anne:

    Nothing. I’ve been trying to find out exactly who I am, and what my passion is for the past two years. If I had known, I would have started working on that talent two years ago.

  15. Lew:

    1. Tomorrow

    2. Offspring, Art, digital recordings and folklore

  16. DI:

    i’m waiting to be free , fly , for him

    i don’t know yet

  17. Lacey:

    him to make the first move

    slowly and with a lot of caution

  18. Conor:

    I’m waiting for my opportunity to be with the girl I’m in love with.
    I’m writing my story by travelling half way round the world solo to see her.

  19. I am waiting for me to realize just what i need to do to put myself together and i am writing my story by just living in the moment, which by the way, isn’t a good thing to do… What about you, world? What are you waiting for? How are you writing your story?

  20. This question makes me wonder so much. My answer is I’m just waiting for the right moment.

  21. kenzie.:

    i’m waiting for my best friend, to realize that his girlfriend is not a good match for him, even though i’ve told him. and then, after they break up, i want him to realize he wants me (:

    im writing my story with no regrets, living life to the fullest and having fun (:

  22. Nick:

    I live and learn everyday, be it the easy or hard way.

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