Question 235

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  1. Ella:

    a blend of understanding, patience and acceptance

  2. Nic:

    I agree with Ella… but I would top that with time and innovation.

  3. L.J.:


  4. Anne:

    How should I know?

  5. Lew:


  6. m:

    Quite simply: It doesn’t last.

  7. Jay:

    understanding that to become one, lovers don’t add their efforts together ; 1+1 never makes one. Rather, we should multiply each others efforts. 1×1 always makes one. And loving yourself. The genuine desire to see someone happy.

  8. dora:

    love can only last when there is also a parallel mutual respect between the couple. there is no such thing as a never ending, always burning love; love just as everything else in life is a cycle/process; there are ups and downs. So people must also have respect for one another one another so that their love re-kindles every so often.

  9. Riaan van der Westhuizen:

    It all depends on the type of person and his/her level of maturity. love fades away, love can be re-kindled etc. Love is always between two or more people. Think about it you can’t be love by yourself. You need another to love. If love fades it is merely a reflection of a person fading.

  10. Always see the lovely side of my lovely lover 😉

    But still, if it’s believed by ending relationship will bring better life for either me or my lover, I will smile goodbye to my lover.

    After one or two days’ good cry, life will go on, better 🙂

  11. smileylich:


  12. A Wise Fool:

    If you can picture yourself talking to that person for the rest of your life, that’s all you really need.

  13. Bobby:

    Passion, if your passionate about the relationship that will last you a long time:)

  14. DI:

    Don’t know , never been 🙁 but i’m sure i will someday …..

  15. AM:

    For love to last you need to have respect and trust for each other. You need to be able to communicate with each other. Also it helps that you can both give and take in arguments. Love will last if u both want it too!

  16. Lacey:

    being happy.

  17. Abi:

    perseverance and flexibility

  18. Inka:

    being true, being friends and care.

  19. Conor:

    Recognising when to hold your ground and when to give in. When to give and when to take. Supporting each other through the worst, and holding an assumption that tomorrow the feeling will be there just as strong, you’ll find that you’re right.
    Being strong.

  20. Aimee:

    True friendship, trust, respect, and an inept need for the other person to be happy. <3

  21. Tiva:

    Friendship is a must, but also forgiveness and willing to keep trying new things, go new places, learn new things with each other and about each other. At least that’s what I’ve learned, and what I’ve loved about the ones I have been loved by in the past/present.

  22. Sierra:

    commitment and an agreement not to give up on one another. even when things get tough. To be able to fight but know that its not the end.

  23. Hilary:

    Committment, kindness, respect, trust, open and honest communication(don’t let resentment build), a willingness to admit when you’re being selfish, giving up the need to “be right”, compromise, forgiveness, putting the other first without losing yourself in the process, being part of a supportive community.

    Love that lasts is built on a firm foundation, so when the hard times come (and they will), you have something to stand on, something to build on and strengthen.

  24. Kim:

    Understanding, commitment, patience, acceptance, willingness, selflessness, independence, love takes everything but true love is worth it.

  25. sarah:

    Discipline and the understanding that it is a choice.

  26. Anonymous:

    Understanding, communication, respect, dedication, loyalty. And work. Lots of hard work. Showing your love, you assume they know you love them. But if you don’t remind them by saying, “I love you.”.. it’s easy to forget. So remind the one you love that you love them. Add that to showing them. Love is an action, not just a word or feeling.

  27. Meghan:

    Sorry to avoid the question, but I feel compelled to compliment the guy’s shirt in the picture. I really adore it. If you know him, pass that on. (:

  28. Lauren:

    Trust. They need to be your best friend. All people want to do is to been seen and be included. It’s been that way since diapers..

  29. Jodi:

    NOT moving in together!!!!

  30. Macey:

    the awareness that it’t not going to last forever.

  31. Teresa:


  32. water:

    a true want, unweilding, desire to better yourself, love

  33. Kikyo:

    Laughter. Once you stop having fun and being able to laugh love alone won’t be enough to maintain the relationship

  34. Nick:

    Understanding, acceptance and love.

  35. Daniel:

    Love lasts when the Love is:
    -Devoid of Expectations

  36. Ara:

    Being able to laugh and cry together, keeping promises, and giving back as much as you take.

  37. Laurel:

    The right people being together. If they’re not right for each other, it won’t last no matter what they do.

  38. Julie Takase:

    laughter. being each other’s best friend.

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