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  1. eric:

    nothing. nothing ever comes from suffering. there is so much suffering in this world, and what to show for it? war, pain, evil, hatred and more suffering. i grew up in a very christian family and i used to live a very christian life. but a few years back that same family made me suffer, and the caused pain and created hatred. then i started to think about this question a few years back. why would a god make his own people, who he loves so much, suffer? this very question turned all my thinking on its head.

  2. m:

    We learn to respect by being disrespected.
    We learn to be gentle by being hurt by others.
    We learn to treasure things by losing others.
    We learn to love by receiving hate.

    Life is all about suffering.
    But that’s what makes it all worthwhile.

  3. Anonymous:

    Would joy be as sweet if we did not suffer? Would we cherish our good times if not for the bad? Would we grow stronger without suffering? No, suffering has a place in all our lives, whether small or large. God draws us near to Him when we suffer and carries us even when we don’t feel Him.

  4. DI:

    For me this feeling of peace , freedom . No one stays happy all the time , in life we must experience pain suffering and happiness so it’s natural …. but for so many people who suffer (people who have no food , no home , dirty water to drink , no education nothing ) and they never have or get anything good , i think the suffering which I’ve been through can not be compared with, what those people have been through .

  5. Anne:

    lessons learned
    changes in behavior (could be good or bad)

  6. Lacey:

    it build character
    it makes you stronger
    it makes you more sensitive to other people’s problems
    it makes you relateable

  7. Tiva:

    What I’ve experienced, suffering gives us wisdom and I feel it helps us appreciate things and people more.
    I think of JOB in the bible. The story says he was a weathy man, then everything was taken away and he suffered. In the end, he was given way more than what he had before, but only after he suffered through his losses.
    Well, that’s my take on it all.

  8. J.:

    suffering is like the fire the purifies the diamond. It makes you strong.

  9. Kathryn:

    It makes you who you are. It teaches you to be better so that you will never treat someone the same way. It builds character. It writes stories.

  10. Laura:


  11. Ella:

    you become appreciative of the things you’ve got and it teaches you to be resilient.

  12. Conor:

    In every negative there is a positive, some small good which can be taken and used not to justify the bad, but as a tool to move on from it positively.
    This explains in more detail:

  13. Kyo:

    Much good can come from suffering. You just have to be willing to see it.

  14. ng:

    Courage to have future strength. Faith to know things will get better…always

  15. Samantha:

    Strength and beauty

  16. Suffering is a choice, one we make when we feel that we need to “build character”, or that we need to be “punished”, or that we have “failed”… And, suffering is circumstance…. Add Choice to Circumstance and you get life….

  17. Gail:

    experience, which life needs it to be a part of comprehansive whole

  18. Sara:

    The ability to better love and help others

  19. Christy:

    The next time someone does show that they care, you will not take it for granted.

  20. Jillianne:


  21. bapsi:

    the ability to understand that you need to dream as if you’ll forever, but live as if you will die tomorrow.

  22. Katii:

    Accomplishment. When you are able to survive through the suffering. You grown and flourish, like a small flower in the winter that reappears when the snow is gone.

  23. James:

    The strength to stand back up and try again.

  24. Macey:

    you get stronger every time. you learn a lot about yourself.

  25. Ben:

    Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

  26. Lauren:

    the strength you find to pull through.
    the inner peace you have once you’re no longer suffering.
    the friends and family you become close with during the hardships.
    a closer relationship with God.
    lessons learned.
    experiences of life.
    an appreciation for the good in life.

  27. Kathryn:

    The only good thing I receive from my suffering is I get stronger. The sad thing is that’s it.

  28. water:


  29. Sasha:

    It makes you appreciate those fleeting moments of happiness, and treasure them how they should be treasured.

  30. Jomz:

    The ability to forgive even though it hurts.

  31. anon:

    Empathy, understanding, strength, courage, passion, determination, positivity, finding true friends. I wouldn’t wish my experiences of this year on anyone, and honestly if I could turn back the clock and make it not happen to me either, I would. It’d be a lie if I said I’m glad about it. But I’m so grateful that I have real friends behind me and that I can find a silver lining.

  32. Nick:

    A lot. You learn new lessons. You get stronger. You feel that unexplainable satisfaction. Basically, your life gets better.

  33. Daniel:

    The “good” comes from the retrospection of the suffering.
    It turns out that you had nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
    That you must stick up for yourself, son. Nevermind what anybody else done.
    And, finally, you wiped the blood from your face and your hands. You forgave yourself because you knew that you could.

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