Question 239

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24 Responses to “Question 239”

  1. Jason:

    Getting into college.

  2. Candice:

    Asking for help…

  3. Emily:

    Finishing the semester!

  4. Interesting question. Honestly, the last major accomplishment I’ve had is the purchase of my first home … back in May of 2007.

    Since then I’ve set out to:
    – drop my weight below 185lbs
    – lower my blood pressure without medication
    – get my first belt-ranking in Kenpo (started in 7/2009)
    – pay off my debt
    – acquire more business for my department
    – learn salsa
    – clean the garage
    – complete the back yard

    And I haven’t actually accomplished a single one of those. This was an excellent question for some self-reflection. Time to make some changes.

  5. Raine:

    Getting a 4year old horse that got off the track in July to pick up the correct lead.
    It may not seem like a lot, but when you realize what you just taught a horse, or anything for that matter, it’s amazing because the only communication you have is through signals.

  6. Tiva:

    I bought a treadmill and had it delivered. I put it together all by myself, and even though it squeaks a little, I use it almost every day. That was in the spring of this year!

  7. JP:

    Making her smile as she cried.

  8. S:

    Feeling like i could face the future, and almost being excited about it, for the first time in my memory. That was last week.
    (Now i’m beginning to doubt it again…)

  9. Ael:

    I learned how to play my first song on guitar, rode my horse for the first time in months, and I haven’t cut for two weeks today.

  10. Conor:

    I managed to prevent myself from falling into an impending gambling addiction which was getting stronger every day. After betting money I didn’t have, and almost losing it all, I realised I needed to stop. So far so good.

  11. Ael-I'm happy for you! stay strong.:

    Getting through freshman year. and enjoying an amazing summer

  12. TYJ:

    first kisss 🙂

  13. Lacey:

    no clue

  14. youwouldntknow:

    I havent selfharmed in five weeks! When I thought I couldnt stop… 🙂 I’ve managed to get my schoolwork back on track.

  15. Saying “I Love you”

  16. Lynton Orrett:

    I have only one accomplishment that can be judged at the end of my life – anything else is a step on the way.

  17. Janie:

    I honestly don’t know. And that scares me.

  18. Amanda:

    Winning a scholarship. I finally feel as if my hard work is paying off.

  19. Yay:

    Having enough courage to sing in front of many people:D
    -Starting to actually have fun:)

  20. Amanda:

    Getting accepted to the University of Kentucky.

  21. Jade:

    Graduating high school I guess, although it was bound to happen.. and applying for graduation of my AA. yay! 😀

  22. anon:

    NOT killing myself. Stopping my pattern of self harm. Pulling through depression even though it’s a long road I’m on. Being there for friends no matter what (even if they weren’t there for me later). Telling people. Surviving and still trusting and loving after what happened.

    You are all loved. Yes, you. <3

  23. Nick:

    Graduating high school.

  24. CJ:

    It is sad to say that at the age of 19 years old i can’t say that i’ve truly accomplished anything…i feel like i’m wasting my life

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