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  1. It’s actually not that *who* or *what*’s fault that made me distracted…it was me that allowed it happen…;)
    I am the one who choose to distribute my attention and I am learning to make better choice everyday : Ignore clutters of life, Focus on essentials mainly 🙂

  2. Anonymous:

    The guy I fell in love with four years ago. And he doesn’t even know it. He is on my mind all the time and I can sometimes lose sight of what is important where I am while thinking of him.

  3. Fran:

    the horses!

  4. Johnathan:

    I find that life distracts me, from what I am suppose to be doing.
    But then I realize what I am “suppose” to be doing is distracting me from LIFE.

  5. Candice:

    The future… I am here.

  6. Nicky:

    The love of my life. Who’s with someone else.

  7. Tiva:

    Sugar… Cookies and the like!

  8. arbi:

    This guy that i feel so atracted to for almost 2 years. We have a very intimate connection, but nobody knows.

  9. Conor:

    the internet. as much as I love it, I would be getting SO much more work done without it.

  10. Meg:

    my first love, i saw him for the first time in eight years, and knew that my feelings have never gone away.

  11. Who, what? Mayhaps they are both the same, no…. Well?… Distraction to me is anything that shifts my focus from spiritual ambition. And, sometimes distraction is enticing and I deserve it, other times it’s unproductive and, well, doesn’t help at all….. Momentary distraction is fun…. It’s when I get compuslive and delve into the “my” distraction that it might get me hit by a car…

  12. Justin:

    Right now? Her, my emotions changing, my past. I wish it was easy to think positive.

  13. Alexa:

    him. he hurt me with so much.

    i love him, he’s with someone else.

  14. anon:

    Him. He’s a beautiful, complex, disastrous distraction and it’s been a long time since I’ve been totally overwhelmed with thoughts of someone else. It makes my chest ache…he’s so very close, and yet so very far away. I have to be happy with what he’s willing to give me and it’ll just never be enough…even though I know that it would never work between us.

  15. Ael:

    Him. Last night he talked to me for the first time in weeks, and it made me realize he’s not as high and mighty as he makes himself look. He’s just a guy that got mixed up in some bad stuff, is with the wrong people, and he’s scared.

  16. Lacey:

    he has.

  17. Lynton Orrett:

    Thinking about the best way to move forward.

  18. Baz:

    Hannah , My best friend who im in love with but shes just moved in with her boyfriend and now ive not only lost her as a possible lover but as a friend

  19. B:

    Him. I think something beautiful is happening to me for the first time in a long time.

  20. Evan:


  21. Sniffles:

    The guy who has Chemestry after me on Fridays and something on Wednesdays right when I’m going home. Yes, it’s your fault I forgot to get my umbrella because I was too busy trying not to stare at you too much.

  22. Michael3216:

    The fact that I still haven’t got any confirmation e-mails for my Xbox repair and I want to play it on my birthday which is in a 2 weeks.

  23. anonymous:

    The crush I have had for years

  24. Samantha:

    well i am 18 yrs old and havent had a menstrual cycle in over a year (which is like super BAD) and the doctor told me it could just be some simple hormone problem like low estorgen or it could be something more serious like sycus on my ovaries or even worse a tumor in the part of my breast that produces milk and i so scared and worried. i dont want cancer and it worries me even more because my grandmother had breast cancer which makes me think that i will probably have it. and also i have a friend who has been in jail and i was worried about him in there and now that he is out i am worried for some many more reasons cause he is 19 yrs old and homeless and winter is coming soon and i worry he wont have a place to stay or food.

  25. Amanda:

    School, the internet, the past, the future

  26. Cleverly Named Gal:


  27. Anonymous:

    the fact that the guy I’ve found myself falling in love with over the past year, and one of my best friends, has come to the ultimate conclusion that he is gay, and hasn’t told me yet.

  28. Anonymous:

    My best friend. She has depression, and I worry for her everyday

  29. White:

    Someone whom i care for is so far away from me i stay awake wishing they were in my arms…

  30. Teresa:

    The idea of college

  31. Gratta:

    him. the guy whom i’m not with. the one i’ve not met. but i know exists. we talk everyday. and i know he’s there whenever i need him to be. yet we can’t be with each other…

  32. Lauren:

    my past.

  33. Ikindaloveyou:

    Brandon Hensley.
    I made a vow that I would never sleep with any guy I wasn’t dating. I dont even know how it happened, but I wanted to so I did. I had feelings for him before this happened and I knew when it happened things would be terrible.. I was under the influence one night and I told him I loved him. Recently we’ve stopped talking.. he’s “too busy” which I do believe. It just breaks my heart that he cant find time to text, skype, facebook.. or whatever. I feel so dumb for it. I just can’t figure out what happened.. what started it all.

  34. anonymoose:

    The woman I have not seen in 5 years; she’s my every other thought

  35. Nick:

    What? My masturbation habit.
    Who? My “friend” Adrian on Facebook.

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