Question 242

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  1. One of my best friends is visiting Shanghai, where I am living now.
    I expect to see the face I so missed, hear the voice that is always inspiring me and have a good laugh with her 🙂

  2. Kate:

    Halloween! I’m going to take my youngest sister trick or treating, and even though I’m 23, I’m so excited I’ve been wearing my costume all night.

    And in just over a week, it’ll be homecoming at my college – I’ve got all my best friends coming into town and staying at my apartment. It’s going to be a ridiculously fun time.

  3. Throwing a party for my new housemate Scott and all of the people who touch my life. It’s been at least six months since the wild crazy energy of 40 people have rocked this house – about time!

  4. Fran:

    -riding on Sunday!
    -dinner with the girls Saturday night
    -oddly, I’m kind of looking forward to working on my project for education
    -hopefully, not being sick anymore sometime within the next week haha

  5. Jordan:

    NaNoWriMo 😀

  6. Jason:

    Getting my life back on track and finally letting it be mine, and only mine!

  7. Moving to Califorinia.

  8. Aimee:

    Finishing this huge project. Maybe getting a break in all the work. Acing that test.

  9. Getting my son or daughter’s blood test (well, my blood test) results back and finding out that h/she is FINE! =)

  10. odessa:

    Finishing my book club book. My friend and I are going to get together and discuss it over wine and yummy apps!!

  11. Tough:

    Sleeping in during the weekends.

  12. Alexa:

    sleeping, trying to get better. i’ve been sick all week :{

  13. Lua:

    I want To study hard to get A+ 🙂

  14. Star:

    my 1 year anniversary, on Halloween.

  15. Lacey:

    I guess… always the what if’s about tomorrow.

  16. Lynton Orrett:

    A lecture I’m giving on the 4th of November.

  17. Allison:

    Not a damned thing

  18. Laura:

    Hell week for the play, which, despite is name, is actually really fun (:

    And hopefully hanging out with the guy I’m talking to <3

  19. Kristy:

    Signing the lease on our first apartment. =]

  20. alexis:

    Oh, that was actually a hard question. I guess tennis on monday, wednesday and friday. and mostly just to get thru the week alive.

  21. Jillianne:

    chatting on the phone to a new friend, and maybe meeting him.

  22. Janie:

    Honestly, just the end of the week. Ready to start a new one.

  23. Russ:

    Seeing the love of my life! <3

  24. Anonymous:

    Having gym with her

  25. L:

    Thanksgiving away from my family 🙂

  26. Amanda:

    Spending Thanksgiving with family I haven’t seen in awhile.

  27. June:

    Girls- night with Siv.

  28. Nick:

    Getting my things ready for college enrollment.

  29. Hannah:

    prom =]

  30. Lizzy:

    my trip to Europe– at last.

  31. Alicia Marie:

    camping! 🙂

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