Question 245

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61 Responses to “Question 245”

  1. Kat:

    What I’ve been thru, halfway wishing it’d been different, halfway understand it happened for a reason. Wondering what’s next, if it’ll happen again. Why? Wondering if it’ll ever be different, if I’ll ever really trust again.

  2. Kate:

    The man I love who has no idea. And how I didn’t think I would end up here in life, but I am happy I did.

  3. Morgan:

    that she deserves better…

  4. Jade:

    Boys. :/

  5. Lauren:

    @Cleverly Named Gal: Me too.

  6. Nick:

    What I want to do to make my day better.

  7. Tara:

    How easy it would be for me to end it so that I won’t have to be sad every second but how much it would kill the only person who truly loves me, my mother.

  8. Hannah:

    all the little things he does.

  9. Talz:

    What I’m going to do the next day, and how I never seem to have time to myself anymore…

  10. Julie Takase:

    how no matter what happens today, tmrw will be a new day.

  11. hexmage:

    Love. Past, present, and future love.

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