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  1. Mara:

    I’m not shallow. I’m as intelligent as they are, but I try to be bcheerful so people could see other perspective in life, the result…yeah, they thought i’m just shallow cause I never dwell too much in everything.

  2. L:

    Im consumed by fear and I tried to kill myself this week.

  3. Celine:

    I can’t tell people how I feel. But I leave signs of my disorder everywhere. Yet no one cares enough to notice.

  4. Anonymous:

    I attempted suicide when I was 14. No one knows about this except my parents.

  5. Cleverly Named Gal:

    I’m actually terrified of commitment

  6. Anonymous:

    I just realized I’m in love with my best friend. I never did anything about it before because I wasn’t physically attracted to him. Now I see that I don’t care about that anymore and that he’s the guy I feel like I”m supposed to be with. But I waited too long and missed my chance. He has a girlfriend and he’s happy and I love him too much to mess that up for him.

  7. Losh:

    That the reason when I cry after making a mistake is because I hope to show how remorseful I am so that I would be given a another chance since I look so pathetic.

    That I fell in love with someone because he looks vaguely like my first crush whom I never got a chance to say my true feelings.

    That i am most fearful of achieving my dreams so I delay them or choose sth achievable.

    That I sumtimes fish for praises at work.

  8. wowzers:

    That i’m secretly infatuated with a friend.. who is the same sex.

  9. CJ:

    That I got into a ton of credit card debt ($30,000) when I was 18 and now I’m 28 and still paying it off…no one knows..but me

  10. White:

    I fall in love easily and my feeling are genuine.

    I want to find a person who i can share my life with and make it my job to love only them.

    I am depressed and, though I’ve tried committing suicide twice in my past, i am coping by myself and no one knows.

    I have been raped three times because its hard to say no. No one knows.

    I cant stop thinking of a guy i know i’m in love with but im so insecure i may lose him like the others. He has no idea that i am in love with him.

  11. Torrie:

    I’m an outgoing person but, I love being alone. I act weird to make people smile and laugh cause I would rather them be happy than go one day without a smile. I have a tendece to loose myself in a book. And that i’m actually intelligent even though it take me longer to understand things.

  12. Emma:

    I used to cut and have fought an eating disorder for 5 years

  13. Anon:

    No one knows that I’m scared to leave a conversation without saying something nice in case something happens. I want my last memories to be good ones.
    I’m scared to show my friends who I really am because they’ve treated me like a nuisance my entire life. They’ve always acted like I think I’m better than them, when really I’ve only ever tried to gain acceptance. They also don’t know how desperately I want to delete my facebook so that I can start over with new friends and new faces.
    I’ve never told my boyfriend how scared I am to lose him out of fear that I will. I’m scared that by me trying to maintain our relationship, he’s going to get bored/annoyed with me and want to leave. I’ve never told him how much I rely on him because I don’t like accepting that myself.

  14. V:

    I’m in therapy and on depression medication.

  15. skyetay:

    That even though I look so sure of myself and confident,
    I really have no fucking clue.

  16. Julian:

    as calm as i seem, i am often frustrated by the ignorance of those around me

  17. Jodi:

    I am bisexual

  18. Ashh:

    That i’m not weird or stuck up just because i’m shy. I am shy because I am scared of rejection

  19. Macey:

    That I’m anorexic.

  20. dani:

    that im bisexual. that i cut. that im alone. that i need a hug

  21. SC:

    Nobody but my close family knows about the abuse I went through for 3 years.

  22. nocturnesthesia:

    My narcolepsy and OCD are ruining my life.

  23. Joe:

    Even though I’m the guy who comforts all my friends and gives them “the best advice” I don’t care for or about them. I give some bad advice to further my own goals and make them think its the best thing they could do in the situation. And the worst part, I feel no remorse in all of this.

  24. Becky Taylor:

    That my family doesn’t believe that my step-dad abused me for 10 years, and once I got the courage to leave, I had a nervous breakdown that landed me in the hospital. My mom never stopped him, or cared enough to listen.

    I haven’t spoken to my mom, step-dad, or little brother in over a year and a half.

    I miss my mom and brother terribly, and even though I forgave my step-dad, I can’t bear to think about being anywhere near him.

    I plan to move across the country to escape the fear of possibly running into them.

    I cannot tell people near me that I love them, or my true emotions because of how I was raised, and that I was told my opinions are worthless.

    I still cry myself to sleep occasionally.

    I feel like I am a bad christian because I always have that one thing nagging at me.

    The man that I love lives on the other side of the world. I haven’t seen him in 2.5 years.

  25. Rebecca:

    I’m terrified of dying before having the chance to actually live.

  26. Yuchie:

    Literally, every time I swallow a bite of food, I feel like a failure. Eating feels like disappointment. It’s been years. No one knows.

  27. Jade:

    I always have a face on.. My optimistic happy face. I do believe in optimism, but sometimes only half of me goes along with it.. I dont know how to explain it. I know it but I don’t want to accept it type feeling. I’m hurting on the inside. I’ve only met one person that can see through my fake smile, and he’s no longer in my life.

  28. Sarah:

    That I’m not the strong and hard person I seem to be. I’m actually scared and very cuddly.

  29. June:

    I have feelings.

  30. Jomz:

    That I’m an Introvert yet my weakness is rejection and being concern to those whom I’ve done things, wrong. Btw, I’m an ISFJ.

  31. anon:

    to everyone who wrote about depression, cutting, anorexia, suicidal thoughts: PLEASE get help!! you are loved and deserve to live and be happy. I care about you. Others care about you. if i can make it though, anyone can! it gets better, it really does, as cliche as that is! stay strong, youre amazing and beautiful and loved! please reach out for help <3

  32. Nick:

    Simple things can make me teary-eyed like movie or TV scenes, songs and just being overwhelmed.
    I fear angry people and offending people of my anger, though they tell me I’m always hot tempered.
    I had suicidal thoughts when I was younger.

  33. Johanna:

    That my father was abusive.

  34. Ricky:

    im scared

  35. Copper:

    I don’t really like being alone.

  36. Anonymous:

    I was raped years ago, but recently realised it because of a flashback.
    I used to be anorexic.
    I’ve tried suicide several times, once while in a mental hospital.
    I used to cut myself, and sometimes I still get the urge.
    I fear rejection, failure, and hurting people who are well-meaning.
    I enjoy making my parents suffer for the abuse they have put me through.
    I hate most of my friends, and don’t care about the rest – except for my best friend, who I’m secretly in love with.
    I’m hateful and bored of life.

  37. Jason:

    I fear i will physically hurt my friends
    Im not the tough guy people see
    I still love the girl who tore my heart out and left
    I do have deep emotions that get hurt, its just easier to hide them

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