Question 248

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  1. Vio:

    I am weird.

  2. Justin:

    Saying random things.
    Being hyper.
    Being confused.
    Being clumsy.
    Being just me.

  3. When I mix up words.

    When I get so tired that I simply stare at nothing. Not even the people who are talking to me.

    When I can’t write by hand.

    That I was only 24 when all this began.

    My strokes have made me weird.

  4. Swish:

    I’m an artist; it comes naturally.

  5. Being ambiguously bisexual, being a total tease, being simultaneously a sage and a ridiculously insane, having a totally warped sense of humor and morality… everything that makes up who I am.

  6. when i am just being myself.

    i believe everybody is born as weired as they uniquely are.
    we are all little weired tweaked genes from each other, which is actually quite a cool thing 😉

  7. That I’m really unique.

  8. alexis:

    My humor.

  9. Wes:

    My sensitivity and pacifism combined with my volatile temper

  10. Conor:

    I have hyper-mobile joints in my fingers. I can bend them back so they make more than a 45 degree angle with the back of my hand.
    I can partially dislocate my right shoulder. It feels super weird.
    I am a straight guy who likes to cook, write poetry, can dance quite well (in a routine only, freestyle I’m as bad as most other white guys) and values friendship and trust more than sex.
    I like to spend time alone just thinking about and talk to myself about things.
    I learn quite a lot from my discussions with myself.
    I hate being the same as everyone else, and will sometimes try specifically to be different, often in subtle but creative ways.
    I hate having to follow a particular system or common practise, for example the ‘dating rules’ – it makes me come across quite forward sometimes, but I actually lack any real confidence.
    I think way too much about simple questions, though I guess that’s what this site is for. 🙂

  11. Giselle:

    my laugh, the way its a silence attack. 🙂

  12. Izzy:

    haha better question… what doesn’t make me weird =]

  13. Chacha:

    my friends 🙂

  14. Anonymous:

    When I am alone I sing to myself, then interrupt and talk to myself, then break into song again.

  15. Sandy:

    My fascination with death and what lies beyond it.

    I wish fairy tales were real.

    Most of my thoughts are out there and I’m not comfortable sharing them with others for fear that they’ll think I’m crazy.

    I try to act normal to “fit in” but I actually don’t want to fit in and I know I don’t.

  16. humdeedoo:

    I always wear odd socks, there usually colourful.
    I love the dark but I love the light.
    Red food colouring makes me really hyper.

  17. Mako:

    I don’t feel weird.
    I just feel good.

  18. Shikhar:

    The only weird thing in the world is absolute normalcy.

  19. Emily:

    @Mako: *clicks ‘like’*

  20. Missa:

    I am a bisexual sadomasocist with an affinity for for teasing people. I will fuck before I will kiss and most people consider me a total slut. At the same time though I love to read, write, draw. I crochet, I love the simple things in life. All things that people wouldn’t expect from a slut like me.

  21. Janie:

    I live vicariously through my favorite tv show characters.

  22. Raine:


  23. Justen:

    I have an imagination that focuses on emotion instead of images which gives me some odd mannerisms and what people have often termed an artistic demeanor. I am fascinated by words and how they impact you and the power they inspire in your persona. I find pleasure in noticing the beauty in broken or damaged buildings and the way that a damaged object is like no other object of it’s kind but completely unique and often unwanted, it saddens me so I surround myself with rustic elements of architecture and I feel that we are doing one another a favor as I give them a home and they shelter me also. symbiotic relationship. this eye for detail and difference is probably the reason I’m an actor. I’m also very solemn and wayward but very hard to bother.

  24. Maddy:

    I have nine toes 🙂

    Nope not a freak accident I was just born that way and I like it 🙂

  25. Amanda:

    My humor. How hyper I am. How I still like to act like a kid.

  26. Kim:

    It tells me I am weird, so I must be.
    Perhaps I am really the epitome of normal.
    But no one can see it because they are all “weird”

  27. Sara:

    Everything. And I love it. 🙂

  28. Macey:

    My strange moods. My humor. But I feel comfortable about it.

  29. Ben:

    I occasionally have the urge to break into people’s houses to see how they live.

  30. Dani:

    My personality

  31. Jade:

    Being hyper,
    Not caring about “taboo” subjects,
    My imagination,
    My random thoughts,

    @Maddy, I kinda love you!

  32. im a harry potter super nerd, i study, i wear neon bright, long socks, i say the stupidest things, im clumsy,i love ninjas,i always go on mlia, i eat peanut butter, i drew dinosaurs in music cut them out ad made them have a rawring fighty contest thing, i can sit with the cool people or the ‘nerds’ and i always pick the nerds, i dont love twilight or justinbieber, im a girl that loves sports,i hate being the same as someone else! i am unique, and you are special

  33. Jomz:

    I’m a quiet person but I really smile a lot. Sometimes, I don’t like it because there are inappropriate times. And I think stuttering whenever I talk, continuously.

  34. Nick:

    I have vampire teeth.
    I love being wild.
    I’m not trendy.
    I want to shave my head.

  35. Michelle:

    hmmm…i’ve never actually thought about this. maybe the noise I make that i can’t explain (I call it fred and it makes everyone laugh). the friends I have. the music I like, the books I read. There really isn’t a reason i’m weird. I’m just me.

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