Question 250

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29 Responses to “Question 250”

  1. Johnathan:


  2. Shikhar:

    Falling in love, and then realizing it wasn’t what I thought it to be.

  3. Jordan:

    School. It’s like having 7 or 8 different jobs, all requiring insane amounts of work, and I’m not getting paid to do it! It sucks.

  4. maria:

    i procrastinate…….

  5. I go though sites that are pointless, but seem to help with my depression, but wastes too much time. I spend hours every day with pointless sites when I could be making a future instead.

  6. Conor:

    Waste time.
    Get my hopes up.

  7. Tiva:

    Lol! Going to work, but I need the money!

  8. Justin:

    Procrastinating on school

  9. Caroline:

    Constantly check my phone hoping that he finally realizes that he misses me but everytime I check for messages there is never one from him

  10. -:

    stay up late.

  11. Lua:

    Wasting my time 🙁

  12. My Life:


  13. Izzy:

    being late

  14. Lisa:

    being late.

  15. A Dreamer:

    Wasting time, procrastinating, caring what other people think.

  16. day dream:

    day dream….I would like to live my life in the now

  17. shery:

    working out. and procrastinating.

  18. Jillianne:

    using the computer and some site as my companion….

  19. Beth:

    Blow dry my hair. It’s boring and time consuming, and my hair looks good for about 20 seconds, then returns to how it always looks.

  20. Manny:

    existing, rather than living.
    thinking about it, rather than doing it.

  21. Li:

    Procrastinating and not living to my true potential.

  22. Amanda:

    worry way too much about everything

  23. lg:

    receive parking tickets and fail to pay them before they double

  24. mum:

    Ironing….why don’t I just wear creased clothes!

  25. Katy!:

    Filling up my gas tank. I need to learn to just fill up the entire tank instead of filling it up a little bit multiple times.

  26. Rachel:

    Tell people that I’m okay. Yeah right.

  27. Macey:

    Being depressed. Why cant I just enjoy life?

  28. Jade:

    Opening myself up to get hurt.

  29. Nick:

    Humiliating myself.
    Getting angry at simple things.
    Waking up early for school.

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