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  1. anonymous:

    Definitely more intelligent.

  2. -:

    less attractive and extremely intelligent, it will get them farther in life

  3. Laura:

    Less attractive and extremely intelligent.
    That’s pretty much how I am, and even though I constantly wish I were prettier, I still wouldn’t be willing to trade my intelligence for better looks.

  4. m:

    I just want my future child(ren) to be wise enough to know that intelligence and attractiveness doesn’t matter. I just want my children to be happy.

  5. Karen:

    Whatever they are, may they use it well.

  6. Orient:

    Intelligent. Then they’ll know that looks aren’t everything anyway.

  7. Rose:

    I have told my daughter since she was born: smart is the best pretty of all.

  8. Tara:

    Less attractive and extremely intelligent. Intelligence is attractive!

  9. Lua:

    I will love them no matter what ^^

  10. Sierra:

    Less Attractive Extremely Intelligent! But most of all happy

  11. Swish:

    If you love someone, they always look good to you.

  12. jKING:

    I’ll give the honest answer most aren’t willing to give. I would rather my two boys be handsome (as they already are). Like it or not, looks get you farther in this world. Countless studies illustrate this, so if you want the greatest chance for success for your children, it comes easier with good looks.

    If you’re talking a choice between good looks (and being a drooling idiot) or intelligent (and unattractive) then I’d take intelligence, but my boys are both and I’m very happy for it.

    I would love my children no matter what they looked like, but am I happy they’re both very handsome? Yes.

  13. JJ:

    as long as they have confidence with what ever they have or do I’ll be happy.

  14. More attractive.

    I am a smart person and, trust me, I have suffered because of this. I have no friends and never had a boyfriend. Every day I see the “pretty” girls chat and make plans amongst themselves. And I always wish I could join their world.

  15. Lg:

    Happy first and foremost because I think that beauty comes from within. You could be the most beautiful person in the world but if you’re not happy or confident it will effect every aspect of your life. I do on the other hand realize that looks create more opportunities in life, it’s very sad but very true. So I guess I do hope that my children are attractive, but are intelligent enough to know that there is so much more to life than that.

  16. Julz:

    Attractive… Anyone (I think) can be smart if they want….by like studying and stuff but looks can’t be like learned or whatever you either have them or you don’t.

  17. Tiva Joy:

    I think it’s so much more important for the next generation to be smart… nowadays you can always buy beauty, but you need to smarts to make the money to pay for it. Smarter is definately more important!

  18. Beth:

    Less Attractive and more intelligent- intelligence lasts longer.

  19. Alicia:

    I don’t want my kids to think that looks are everything. I want them to believe in themselves and know they should strive for a better tomorrow. As well as make a better today. For my children to have a good sense of self being and be as much as lost as I was. It took me years to find myself. And they will be born however they will be born. If one of my children is pretty and not that smart, I won’t judge them. It is destiny that I have this child. Let him/her to be themselves.

  20. Raine:

    To be honest, I am quite intelligent, and relatively attractive, according to some. I’d love to see my children amazing brilliant, but in today’s world, you’re judged first on how good you look. No matter how intelligent you are, and I wouldn’t like to see my kids outcasted.

  21. Li:

    I don’t want my (future) kids growing up to think that only if they look good,they will get somewhere and be someone because they’re influenenced by the media. I think being smart,and not so attractive is better because they’ll get farther in life without all the negativity. Looks aren’t everything,they need to do what makes them truly happy & not worry about anything else.

  22. Karly:

    100% more attractive, you dont have to be the smartest person in the world but if your ugly…that would suck!

  23. Nicole:

    More intellegent. And hopefully intellegent enough to be able to let their personality shine through even if they aren’t pretty. While looks can get you in the door in some places, you need brains to be able to be truly sucesful.

    Anyways, I know plenty of pretty people who are going to be screwed later in life because they know next to nothing besides how to look cute. I’d rather my children be able to handle life.

  24. skyetay:

    I think more attractive.
    Seriously, sometimes it’s better to not be thinking constantly.
    Smart people get used, attractive people get loved.
    (Although for myself I would rather be intelligent, if that makes sense).

  25. Jodi Evans:

    I would want them to be more intelligent, but ultimately I just want them to be happy…

  26. Ashh:

    Less attractive,more intelligent it doesn’t matter what my future children look like to someone else they will be the most beautiful things to me

  27. Lilu:

    I think that intelligence doesn’t always bring happiness and neither do your looks. I want my children to smart enough because to be on either end of the spectrum only causes unhappiness. Besides, there are different types of intelligence. I want my children to be kind, open and confident. If that makes them a little less “book smart.” so be it.

  28. Rebecca:

    Less attractive and extremely intelligent. Looks don’t matter as much as what’s inside. That sounded cheesy, but it’s true. 🙂

  29. water:

    i really dont know…nor do i care, it doesnt matter, not to me….they will be perfect anyways

  30. kelly:

    if i just had to choose between the two. definitely more intelligent.

  31. Sasha:

    Intelligence hurts.
    I don’t want to see them in the pain that I was in.
    A smart kid, asking important questions; in a society which holds no answers, and wants nothing more than to keep them silent.

  32. Nick:


  33. PufferFish:

    Less attractive but intelligent.
    Because that’s how I am and I’m happy with it. I’m average and brilliant, and loved by those around me. Beauty does not make a person worthwhile, it just makes them easy to look at.

  34. Phunk:

    More attractive than they ready are – Attractive people are successful. Less attractive people are less successful. That’s a fact of life.

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