Question 252

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  1. {how are you? good/fantstic}

    even i am not really too fantastic, i like to *fake it till make it* ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. S:

    “I’m fine”
    “That’s ok”
    “It doesn’t matter”
    How was your day? “Good”

  3. Danielle:

    “you’re such a good friend”

  4. A!:

    Favorite Teacher: How was your day? / How are you?
    Me: Okay.

  5. Anonymous:

    probably just what others have put so far…the token answer to the token “how are you question”.

    Other than that I don’t really lie. I have no compulsion to lie and I hate being lied to.

  6. DI:

    How are you ? “I’m fine” , did something happen today ? “No nothing “, is everything okay ?”ye. why wouldn’t be ” , “it doesn’t matter ” and smiling when i really down or mad and i don’t want people to ask me what is going on with you ? so i lie and fake a smile …

  7. Alexa:

    I’m fine, I’m okay. I’m over him.

  8. J:

    I hate my mother for what she has done… but really I love her so much that I wish she wouldn’t have done it

  9. alexis:

    “Im okay” , “I love being single” ,

  10. Lg:

    I’m going to go with Alexis on this one… “Being single is great!” and also “I’m fine.”

  11. A Dreamer:

    “I’m fine.” “No, I didn’t publish that secret that you thought was about you.” “Everything’s fine.”

  12. Anne:

    two most recent:

    “I’m fine”
    “I’m not interested in him”

  13. Missa:

    I’ll be ok.

  14. Tiva Joy:

    probably the ones I tell myself… how I don’t mind living with my mom and brother, how it’s better because we’re saving money. How I don’t mind being so far from my love, how I don’t mind waiting for him.

    ((I’m used to always being with someone, ever single day… this is so difficult for me))

  15. Sarah:

    ‘I’m fine’

  16. Janie:

    “No I don’t have any homework.”
    “You are a really good person with a great personality.”
    “I’m just tired.”
    “Don’t worry. I’ve got it figured out.”

    I could go on.

  17. Ael:

    I got a lot of work done today.
    I’m tired.
    I’m fine.
    It’s okay.
    No, I don’t mind helping.
    I let him go.

  18. Vio:

    I do not care

  19. Lua:

    “I do not care !”

    “It is ok ”

    “I enjoyed my time !”

    “I`m fine ๐Ÿ™ “

  20. Chelsea Nicole:

    I’m happy.

  21. Lulu:

    You should go for it.

  22. KatieZ:

    “i love you too”

  23. JJ:

    Nothing is wrong

  24. Ferrara:

    Person 1: What’s wrong
    Me: Nothing!

    orrrrrr……telling somebody they’re right, just to make them happy, or the argument to stop.

  25. Anabeth:

    “I’m ok.” and then I smile.

  26. Ali:

    ‘I’m fine’
    ‘No, I’m just tired.’
    ‘It’s okay.’
    ‘No, I don’t mind.’
    ‘No offense’ *’None taken.’*
    ‘I believe you.’

  27. Li:

    Probably the same as everyone elses ‘I’m fine’ even though sometimes I’m really not.

  28. Maddy:

    Of course I ate today

    No, I don’t think that I’m stupid.

    Yes, I’ll go to college.

  29. Amanda:

    “I’m fine,” “I don’t care,” and my favorite “I’m just tired.” It’s the perfect excuse to everything.

  30. Cleverly Named Gal:

    “im fine”

  31. Emma:

    “I’m fine,” “Yes, I did my assignment,” “I finished my college applications,” “I did my scholarships,” “I love you,”

  32. Macey:

    “I’m fine”, “I already ate”, “I was busy”

  33. dani:

    “im fine” “nothing” “thats nice”

  34. nocturnesthesia:

    Pretending to give a rat’s ass about peoples’ problems

    Telling people I have a respectable job

    Making up excuses to avoid people

  35. Teresa:

    Iยดm not mad, You look good, You dont look slutty

  36. Amanda:

    “Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.”

  37. Charlie:

    Im straight I swear

  38. Jade:

    “I’m fine”
    “I don’t like him anymore”

  39. Nick:

    That’s one really good work.
    I’m fine.
    I’m not available because I didn’t ask my mom.

  40. purple-elephant:

    *I’m fine*

    *Everything’s okay*

    *Everything is going to be okay*

  41. Joleen:

    “It’s okay”
    “I’m fine”
    “Don’t worry about me”
    “I didn’t wanna come either”
    “There’s nothing wrong – I’m just tired”

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