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  1. I suffered a nervous breakdown in July. I was a non-stop, work 80+ hours a week control freak. I wouldn’t stop, I didn’t know how, but my body knew how. It just quit. I fell apart and couldn’t function. Went on medical leave, locked away in my house.
    Now I am learning to not be perfect, to not be frantic, to not be in control. I am learning to just be…and that is a BIG change for me!

  2. Jay:

    Broke up with my boyfriend whom I love, but he’s still my best friends who I talk to every day. We still love each other, but have decided to wait.. I breath easier though, knowing that I can live for just myself again. I guess the biggest change for me was considering my own feelings.

  3. Aimee:

    moving across the country to go to college. Away from my best friend, my family, my boyfriend whom I love. Away from the only place I’ve ever known to study somewhere completely new. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

  4. Heather:

    My boyfriend of two and a half years and I broke up. But that wasn’t the biggest change. The biggest change was realizing that I love myself more than I loved him and finding happiness in myself and other people. I hardly feel like he was ever in my life now and I realize that I never needed him there. I’ve never felt so free.

  5. Amy:

    After 21 years of smoking cigarettes I quit. I started going to the gym, and being better to myself and started taking time for me.

  6. Sophie:

    Going to a whole other school.

  7. Bapsi:

    That I let myself fall in love with one of the most amazing people that i know. This girl has given me so much to laugh and smile about in life. I hope this change is here to stay, because it has truly made me a better person.

  8. Tiva Joy:

    Becoming a vegetarian and eating gluten-free foods, also dairy-free foods… almost all vegan, except for eggs and cheese. I lost 40lbs, plus walking on my treadmill every single day helped a great deal in that.
    I still crave meat and it smells so yummy, but I figured I don’t want to be the cause of an animal being in fear, and I don’t want to consume that fear they had when they were being killed for food. It’s a little extreme, I know, but I feel so much better and awake and alive and happy.
    Biting into a nice juicy double burger would taste sooooo good though, but I resist! LOL!

  9. I joined the most awesome organization in the world: AIESEC. It was the change that I was looking for, it made me feel like being part of a group, like a leader, a dealer in hope, a friend, I met the most important people in my life at the moment (some) and I believe I can become a change agent. I am really grateful for this!

  10. Sarah:

    I’ve stopped caring about what people think of me. I’ve put more effort into my studies. I’ve taken time out for myself. Most importantly… I’m not invisible any more; I have a perfect circle of friends and a boyfriend who loves me for who I am and never fails to put a smile on my face.

  11. Am:

    I married my best friend, then packed up and moved to Japan with him. So far, I’m having the time of my life!

  12. Moved to the opposite coast to start a new job and get a fresh perspective on life.

  13. Janie:

    I have stopped caring whether or not the people I’m closest to grow up. It isn’t my decision anymore, and I will leave their immature asses in the dust if needed.

  14. Blink:

    I started a college course, and am turning my life around so I can get a decent education and be where I want to be.

    Also, I started living for me. Not everyone likes it, because I’m not a pushover any more, but my true friends respect this. And tbh, it’s done me the world of good!

  15. Gracie:

    I switched schools from an overcrowded public high school (where I was failing and getting too stressed) to a tiny little Alternative high school. It was the best decision of my life.

  16. Abay:

    broke up with my boyfriend, quite my job, started a new one, started to realllly learn to like being me… so far so good!

  17. alexis:

    Recently I decided to wake up every morning with a smile on my face. To think in the evening that “this was a great day!” even though nothing went right. To change my life for the better, and think that every day is a new chance and opportunity. I am now looking forward to every day, I may sound crazy, but its true.

  18. Shay:

    I finally came out & found myself in the process. I now have an amazing fiancee who I love with everything in me & i don’t care what people think, I’m happy with her. 🙂 I also checked myself into rehab and got clean after spending the last 7 years addicted to prescription meds & alcohol. I truely am a new person.

  19. Amanda:

    I decided to travel, took two huge trips this year – alone.

    I decided to hit one of my life long goals of doing a triathlon – and got first place.

    I finally bought myself a new vehicle after driving an unsafe beater which broke down on the way to work, having to be towed now and again.

    I got dumped for the first time ever.

    For the first time ever this year realized who my true friends really are.

  20. manny:

    hmmm. This time last year I was upset because I wasn’t able to move out, or go to the university of my choice. I did however go away, for the first time ever, on my own and met truly amazing people who changed my life. I learned that while sometimes you have to wait things out, it is also good to push for what you feel is right, what is acceptable. Learn to say sorry, and mean it, say I love you and give hugs as much as possible. I feel like I’m still weighed down by the unfortunate circumstances of me not living my dream, its kills me. But I think that right now, this is where I belong, no other place is meant for me for now. I hope that this time next year, I can look back and see that all the anger and frustration was not in vain, that it actually lead me to a place that I’m happy.

  21. L:

    I started taking back control of my life.

  22. Li:

    Changing my life for the better & caring where my future goes and I also found God! which has been such a blessing.

  23. Amy:

    I opened myself up to new experiences and let go off any insecurities I had.
    Unfortunately my bubble did have its advantages, I wasn’t aware of all the pain out there.
    But I’m not a better person for having experienced those things, and I will continue to grow 🙂

  24. Amanda:

    I switched my major even though it was my senior year. It was hard and I’m graduating a year late, but I finally feel like I am on the right path.

  25. Caity Rose:

    I completely changed my future by switching from English studies to culinary school. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my choice.

  26. terrance:

    On Thanksgiving morning of 2010, I received a heart transplant. I was thrilled for two days due to the textbook operation. but now the nausea and the hugeness of immonosupression lies before me. I have my 7-month daughter (also a huge event this year) to pull me forward. I can do this. I cant believe i have made it this far.

  27. Nick:

    Joining a singing contest and feeling good about myself.

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