Question 254

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  1. Janie:

    Sometimes people change for the better. Sometimes for the worse. Sometimes never at all. And I think the last one is the absolute hardest one to deal with in those you love.

  2. Kelson:

    That I’m working a dead end job, and staying just because it’s familiar and safe is probably more detrimental than to risk leaving and struggling for a while until a better paying, more fulfilling job is found.

  3. that i don’t need to too obesessed with *goals* & *meanings* etc. stuff 😉

  4. maria:

    that nothing lasts 4ever n the most precious thing i have is my moment!

  5. Blink:

    That life is about happiness, and whether or not you feel as though you’re whole world is falling apart, everything will be okay if you are. Happiness starts from within, so get the inside sorted, and the rest will follow 🙂

  6. bapsi:

    That life has its up and downs, but that those downs are only as bad as you let them be. Look on the bright side and learn to enjoy every situation.

  7. Vilde:

    That life is so much more. It is not the end if not all is good in a age of 15.

  8. Vilde:

    -It will be better

  9. Looli:

    That I shouldn’t resent struggle. I need it. It’s good for me. It keeps me strong and sharp and reminds me what is really important.

  10. Tiva Joy:

    A year may seem like a long time, but it actually goes by faster and faster the busier I keep myself.

  11. Barb:

    That it’s all within my grasp.

  12. Chelsea:

    i understand myself and how to be happy.

  13. ellaffsalot:

    After a diagnosis with an aggressive form of cancer that is statistically highly likely to recur, I realized that the only way to live with such a sword hanging over my head is to ignore the sowrd.

  14. nothing or everything:

    I understand a lot less, but I’m much happier.

  15. Sarah:

    Being different is not always a bad thing. Life is worth living.

  16. J:

    I was born to dismantle patriarchy

  17. Anne:

    I got to know myself better.

  18. JJ:

    That something wonderful can come out of a situation that you think is horrible

  19. Vio:

    The people I leave behind…

  20. Jay:

    The universe is based off of circles, life goes on, God gives us flaws to overcome, the things that we can’t control are in God’s hands to give us less to worry about, so don’t sweat it.

  21. That if I just ignore my problem it will eventually go away but not without a trace…

  22. alexis:

    its okay to not always succeed . its okay to take the day off.

  23. Karen:

    that its easy to forget myself when I focus on others, that its easy to kill a relationship through living in the future and that no matter what happens if you put one foot in front of the other it passes.

  24. That asking a woman out on a date is a no-risk proposition. If she says ‘no,’ then you’re in the same situation before you asked: without a date with the woman in question.

  25. Meghan:

    That my 18 year old brother can break a 300$ tv with a xbox controller after a gaming tantrum and receive twenty minutes of yelling and then my parents will buy a much cheaper and smaller tv for him, the new Black Ops game, not punish and ground him, and he doesn’t have to pay for any of the new things. He doesn’t have a job, he doesn’t do chores, he sits and plays xbox&watches tv.
    While I underwent a year of depression and when I asked for help, my parents talked to me for 10 minutes and left it at that. And apparently the overpopulation of cats is my fault too, even when I repeatedly tell my parents to spay the mother.

    I learned my brother is the favourite and I will have to risk my life for any attention.

  26. Lulu:

    Most people will like you, even if the kids in high school didn’t.

  27. KatieZ:

    that i’m beautiful, even though it’s the hardest thing for me to accept

  28. Della:

    Love does exist. I just had to find someone willing to risk it.

  29. That I am utterly imperfect, terribly complex, and maddeningly imprecise at anything and everything I touch or say or do. Doesn’t mean I can’t refine the process and get better at it.

  30. shery:

    that i’m not who i thought i would be.

  31. Me:

    That he’s not my fairytale.

  32. Ella:

    That love is a risk that must be taken. <3

  33. Jillianne:

    That things really do happen for a reason and in divine timing…
    Pactients and don’t try and force things to happen…like they say
    “you cant make a flower bloom before it is ready”

  34. Rosa Anna:

    That nothing, NOTHING, is worth killing yourself for. I thought about that recently, ,after attempting.

  35. Celine:

    Everything that I thought was important, is ultimately not. All these people who negatively impact my life are a waste of thought

  36. L:

    Grace. I have to have grace for myself and live life one moment at a time, because we all heal differently.

  37. Amanda:

    Sometimes things change for the better. You have to take one day at a time.

  38. Kait:

    Life is too short to be mad and pick fights over stupid things. Treat the ones you care about with all the love in your heart, because one day, they may not be there anymore.

  39. Molly:

    I learned I am bisexual.

  40. Rini:

    that sometimes the answer is just No.

  41. Emma:

    The reason I kept playing in guitar concerts wasn’t because I liked the songs, or being onstage, or even who I was playing with. I did it because it was the one time each semester I could see my sister.

  42. Macey:

    that I’m actually pretty damned funny 😀

  43. Michaela:

    That there is someone out there who has the capacity to love me back, as the strange and frustrating person I am.

  44. Dani:

    To let go of the pressure of thinking too much about how others think about you

  45. anon:

    It really does get better, love and friendship heal wounds, and everyone deserves happiness-I’m not so special that I get to discount myself from that “everyone”!

  46. Nick:

    People don’t change overnight.
    People don’t change if they don’t want to.
    And like the previous poster, it really does get better.

  47. Julie Takase:

    life goes on

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